Stotras and Sahasarnam-The Sun

Stotras and Sahasarnam-The Sun

Stotras and Sahasarnam

II The Sun II

Stotras and Sahasarnam The Sun copy

II The Sun II

The Sun God known by the names Ravi, Surya, Bhanu, Arka, Mithra and by several other names. In fact Rigveda is full of praise, describing Him by several names and qualities. He is Atmakaraka (significator of soul). Being at the centre of the solar system, Sun is the giver of life force to all the other planets and the life everywhere. He indicates father, honour, status, fame, the heart, the eyes, respect and power. In Rudhra Prashna he is given as an example of living God (“The Gopas say the Invisible is Visible here”). He is also referred as a Kavi, the poet who sees everything.

Ravi gives clear perception. In his name Trijakalpa Suryanamaskara (a pooja for Ravi) is conducted on Sundays. Propitiation measures to Ravi strengthens bones, cure illness particularly of cardio vascular nature, gives progeny, gold, restores honour and dignity. However, the exact role Ravi plays is dependent on his ruler ship, placement and association as well as aspect in the natal chart.

Of all the planets, the Sun’s position in Indian astrology is supreme. The Sun is the king of our solar system. Sun is the Lord of Leo. This is the fifth in serial order in the zodiac and signifies habits and temper of a lion. According to Astrology, the Sun is debilitated when posited in Libra and therefore most compassionate and soothing for the native. In debilitation if the Sun is otherwise benefic it will not deliver the desired results. Should it he malefic it will be highly damaging for the native. Such people see many ups and down during their lifetime.

The Sun posited in the sixth, eigth and twelfth houses makes it the worse. It signifies father hence, does not tolerate negligence. Besides it also signifies government, the highest administrative post, physician or persons related to medical fields, persons in powers such as bureaucrats, police, progeny, male child etc. As told earlier. Sun stands for power and authority. In a horoscope, the afflicted Sun can give many diseases such as weak eyesight, headaches, erratic blood circulation, heart trouble, dental problems, bone fractures, overheating, fevers, blood pressures baldness etc. Of Course, good health is also achieved through pooja of the Sun. The Sun mantra enhances peace of mind, gets favour from superiors, officers and the Govt. By its use, the enemies are suppressed and it eliminates the malefic effects of the Sun. When the Sun is malefic in the birth chart of a native or according to the transit or Moon sign indicates malefic effects, recital of Sun Mantra is very effective & useful.

During worship of Sun God the devotee is advised to use idol made of copper. Besides this mantra Surya is also worshipped with Surya stotra and Aditya Hridyam. On Ravi-pushya yoga, start reciting as under:

Ravi stotram


Japaa kusuma sankasam kasyapeyam mahadyuthim
Tamorim sarva papaghnam pranathosmi divakaram II



Ravi pidahara stotram


Grahanamadityo lokaraksanakarakah I


Visamasthanasambhutam pidam haratu me ravih II



II Sun dwadash naam stotra II


These are twelve names of Sun God, Native who recites these twelve

Names of sun god during mahadasha, antardasha of Sun never faces any problem. After recital of the stotra the native has to perform pooja of Sun God.



आदित्यम प्रथमं नाम द्वितीयं तु दिवाकरं । तृतीयं भास्करं प्रोक्तं चतुर्थंम् तु प्रभाकरं ॥


पंचमम् हरिदश्वं च षष्टं त्रैलोक्यलोचनम । सप्तमम तु सहस्रांशुमष्टमं तु विभाकरम ॥


नवमम स्याद्दिनकरं दशमम् द्वादशात्मकं । एकादशम् त्रिवेदात्म द्वादशं सूर्यमेवच ॥



Surya astotra satnamavali


Om Arunaya Namah।                                        Om Sharanyaya Namah।


Om Karunarasasindhve Namah।                       Om Asamanabalaya Namah।


Om Artarakshakaya Namah।                             Om Adityaya Namah।


Om Adibhutaya Namah।                                    Om Akhilagamavedine Namah।


Om Achyutaya Namah।                                     Om Akhilajnaya Namah।


Om Anantaya Namah।                                       Om Inaya Namah।


Om Vishvarupaya Namah।                                Om Ijyaya Namah।


Om Indraya Namah।                                          Om Bhanave Namah।


Om Indiramandiraptaya Namah।                       Om Vandaniyaya Namah।


Om Ishaya Namah।                                            Om Suprasannaya Namah।


Om Sushilaya Namah।                                       Om Suvarchase Namah।


Om Vasupradaya Namah।                                  Om Vasave Namah।


Om Vasudevaya Namah।                                   Om Ujjvala Namah।


Om Ugrarupaya Namah।                                    Om Urdhvagaya Namah।


Om Vivasvate Namah।                                       Om Udyatkiranajalaya Namah।


Om Hrishikeshaya Namah।                                Om Urjasvalaya Namah।


Om Viraya Namah।                                             Om Nirjaraya Namah।


Om Jayaya Namah।                                              Om Shreyase Namah।


Om Urudvayabhavarupayuktasarathaye Namah।


Om Rishivandyaya Namah।                               Om Rugghantre Namah।


Om Rikshachakracharaya Namah।                   Om Rijusvabhavachittaya Namah।


Om Nityastutyaya Namah।                                Om Rikaramatrikavarnarupaya Namah।


Om Ujjvalatejase Namah।                                 Om Rikshadhinathamitraya Namah।


Om Pushkarakshaya Namah।                           Om Luptadantaya Namah।


Om Shantaya Namah।                                       Om Kantidaya Namah।


Om Ghanaya Namah।                                        Om Kanatkanakabhushaya Namah।


Om Khadyotaya Namah।                                    Om Lunitakhiladaityaya Namah।


Om Satyanandasvarupine Namah।                    Om Apavargapradaya Namah।


Om Artasharanyaya Namah।                              Om Ekakine Namah।


Om Bhagawate Namah।                                      Om Srishtisthityantakarine Namah।


Om Gunatmane Namah।                                     Om Ghrinibhrite Namah।


Om Brihate Namah।                                            Om Brahmane Namah।


Om Aishwaryadaya Namah।                                Om Sharvaya Namah।


Om Haridashwaya Namah।                                  Om Shauraye Namah।


Om Dashadiksamprakashaya Namah।                Om Bhaktavashyaya Namah।


Om Ojaskaraya Namah।                                        Om Jayine Namah।


Om Jagadanandahetave Namah।                         Om Tarunaya Namah।


Om Janmamrityujaravyadhivarjitaya Namah।        Om Asuraraye Namah।


Om Uchchasthana Samarudharathasthaya Namah।  Om Kamaniyakaraya Namah।


Om Abjavallabhaya Namah।


Om Antarbahih Prakashaya Namah।                      Om Achintyaya Namah।


Om Atmarupine Namah।                                          Om Achyutaya Namah।


Om Amareshaya Namah।                                        Om Parasmai Jyotishe Namah।


Om Ahaskaraya Namah।                                          Om Ravaye Namah।


Om Haraye Namah।                                                  Om Paramatmane Namah।


Om Shrimate Namah।                                                Om Varenyaya Namah।


Om Grahanampataye Namah।                                 Om Bhaskaraya Namah।


Om Adimadhyantarahitaya Namah।                         Om Saukhyapradaya Namah।


Om Sakalajagatampataye Namah।                           Om Suryaya Namah।


Om Kavaye Namah।                                                 Om Narayanaya Namah।


Om Pareshaya Namah।                                            Om Tejorupaya Namah।


Om Hiranyagarbhaya Namah।                                  Om Sampatkaraya Namah।


Om Aim Ishtarthadaya Namah।                                Om Am Suprasannaya Namah।


Om Saukhyadayine Namah।                                     Om Diptamurtaye Namah।


Om Nikhilagamavedyaya Namah।                            Om Nityanandanaya Namah।




II iti surya namavali sampurna II



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