Signification of Planets

Signification of Planets

Signification of Planets

Signification of Planets

The signification of the planets is known as Karakatva. A planet is considered for Karakatva from several angles:-

  • Char Karaka: This classification is based on the basis of degrees of each planet in descending order. The signs are not considered in this regard. Ketu is not considered in this classification of karaka planets. Therefore, only 8 planets are considered. However, Rahu’s degrees are considered after deducting the degrees from 30. The planet with the highest degrees is called the Atma Karaka. If, by the way, it happens that the two or more planets are equal in degrees, minutes, and seconds, the most potent among them is considered to be the Atma Karaka planet.
  • Sthir Karaka: This classification is based on the planets and their Bala. One among the Sun or Venus, whichever is more potent in Bala, becomes the Pitri Karaka. Similarly, one out of the Moon and Mars become the Maatri Karaka.
  • Aspect-based Karaka Bhava: Ninth Bhava from the Sun is also Pitri Kaaka house. Similarly, 4th from Moon indicates Maatri Karaka Bhava, 6th from the Mercury reflects Maternal uncle, 5th from Jupiter signifies Son, 7th from the Venus points to the Wife, 8th from the Saturn is Pitri(father’s) death Karaka.
  • Yoga Karaka Planets: The Yoga Karaka planets are decided on the basis of the position of the planets in the natal chart. If the two planets are posited in their own sign, the sign of exaltation or friendly planet’s sign are in square aspect from each other they are called the Yoga Karaka planets. If this is 1-10 aspect they become special Yoga Karaka planets.
  • Karaka Bhava: The Lagna is taken as Atma Karaka, 2nd as Jaaya Karaka, 3rd as younger brother karaka, 11th as elder brother Karaka, 5th as Puta Karaka, 7th as Stri Karaka and a planet in the 5th house may also be taken as a Karaka planet.
  • Bhava Karaka Planets: The 7 planets signify the signification of houses. Rahu and Ketu are excluded from this classification.


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