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SATURN IN THE 9TH HOUSE / Benefits of SATURN in 9th House of Horoscope /Characteristics of SATURN in 9th House of Horoscope.

Benefits of SATURN in 9th House of Horoscope :

SATURN IN THE 9TH HOUSE The important point to be noted about this position of Saturn that it interferes with the right and claim to inheritance. whether it is property and other assets of natural parents or adopting parents or foster parents or even with regard to gifted property on account of Saturn the individual gets much less than her rights and claims to the inheritance.

Other claimants or non-claimants try to usurp a portion of the due and correct share of the individual by any means possible including false litigation, or encroach upon the share or inherited portion of the property of the individual.

The unfortunate part of the matter is that depending on the owner of the 9th house and its relationship with Saturn sitting in the 9th house, sometimes the uncles or aunts or cousins also openly or secretly act against the interests of the individual in matters relating to property and other assets. Thus the individual has to stay alert regarding matters of inheritance which might include gifts from any source.

And insult to the injury is that burden of repayment of any debts or liabilities descending upon the individual is put on him or her, and sometimes this burden is greater than the individual’s share in inheritance. However the spouse of the individual can protect the individual to a certain extent from this evil.

If Saturn is directly aspected by Mars or Jupiter from the 3rd house or Jupiter is in the 6th or the 8th house, generally an allegation is levelled against the individual, by other heirs, CO-sharers and claimants, that the individual has been given cash or jewellery in a hidden manner by a parent of the individual or by a grand-parent.

In this particular matter, the individual has also to be blamed to certain extent as he/she gets more intimate and serviceful to the source from which inheritance is to flow down to the individual or to the spouse. It is partly better to keep open relationship and services to the parent or grandparent. And whenever a parent or grandparent breathes his/her last, it is always better to inform all heirs and claimants of the event of death as quickly as possible so as to avoid post-death allegations, charges, and blames.

These individuals are often keen to associate themselves or actively participate in the management of religious bodies, charitable trusts, social establishments etc., and do not try to keep their actions and conduct above board. Then they become an easy scapegoat for allegations of mismanagement of funds, embezzlement, pilferage of assets of that body/trust/establishment. And sometimes that blame is justified as they have a direct or indirect hand in embezzlement or mismanagement.

if Sun or Mars is in the 10th house, these individuals
plan to march into the political arena through their association or participation in these religious/ charitable/ social set-ups or organisations.

Coming to other points, these individuals do not normally
enjoy very clean image and good reputation with regard to their attitude towards the opposite sex, more so those within the wider family relations. This is true unless Venus and Jupiter are very favourably placed and are in no manner associated or linked to Saturn in the 9th house.

These individuals, at least in some cases, particularly where Saturn owns the 10th and 11th Houses, do not enjoy good rapport and affection relationship with natural, foster or adopting father. The father forms an impression that the individual is too keen to inherit property and assets from the father, even during the father’s lifetime.

These individuals brag and boast a lot about their sense of self respect and honour, but they pocket insult and condemnation mutely or silently where they find that they have vested interests.
These individuals try to use or misuse the influence of social/ political /bureaucratic status of their brothers-in-law or sisters-in-law.

Another weak point in these individuals is that they do not repay loans by due date nor in lump sum. It is difficult even to recover dues from them. They postpone paying their liabilities even when they are in a position to clear them and they do not mind insults and threats in this regard. If they are manhandled for non-payment or delayed payment of dues, they swallow that too silently.

They are expert at collection of mob for rallies, processions, public meetings, slogan shouting, pickets, political and social drives, religious processions. But they must get their due price in cash, kind or uplift as a reward for these services.

These individuals do not have much faith internally in luck, God Almighty and the Karma-Theory of the previous births.
They have greater faith in their own acts and actions, efforts and manipulations or manoeuvres. They have
faith in forming groups and gangs, and if Mars is in the 3rd, 6th, 8th, or the 11th house, they have no hitch or hesitation in throwing threats and demands at the face of others.

They have less fear for law, order, and system and often
feel that they can easily manage law, order and system by money and manpower. This feeling in these individuals becomes stronger in case Saturn in 9th is in Libra (exaltation) or in its own Rasi, or if otherwise Saturn is Lord of the Ascendant (1st house).

If Saturn’s Rasi is in the 7th house, these individuals try
to bring forward their spouse by fair or unfair means in political,  religious or social arena, and sometimes they try to derive benefit under cover of the spouse. If the individual’s spouse is not competent to be placed as ‘front cover’, they bring in the arena the spouse of a brother/sister or nephew/niece or of a trusted friend or follower for this purpose.

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