Benefits of Saturn in 5th House of Horoscope-

Benefits of Saturn in 5th House of Horoscope-

Saturn in the 5th House of Horoscope-

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Saturn in the 5th House / Benefits of Saturn in 5th House of Horoscope /Characteristics of Saturn in 5th House of Horoscope-

Benefits of Saturn in 5th House of Horoscope-

Saturn makes the individual strong-headed, stubborn, obstinate, generally one-track minded, often non-adoptive to another person’s point of view, somewhat slow in grasping studies, less appreciative of literature, though rather open-minded to music and poetry.
If man, his wife and if woman, she herself suffers loss of pregnancy, sometimes more than once, unless the stars of the spouse are helpful otherwise.
Unless lord of the 5th house is a male star and occupying a house favourable to the son house, she gets a female child first. In other words, the individual has problem
in the matter of progeny unless stars of the spouse are powerful and helpful, or otherwise the star controlling the portfolio of progeny at the time of birth (known as Putra Karaka) is strong and helpful for the purpose.
They have no hitch or hesitation for medical termination of pregnancy, even at a bit advanced stage. Their decision is the main thing.
These individuals, when grown up, may have complaints against the parents and also develop differences of opinion with the parents.
There have been cases where the parents overlooked and neglected proper upbringing and education as also settlement in life of the progeny.
Thus it could be both ways round. Some of these individuals get associated with management of industrial venture, manufacturing unit, petrol or diesel or lubricant outlet, placement agency, automobile outfit, establishments manufacturing and/or selling agricultural machinery and equipment. They also may get associated with units manufacturing yarn and cloth (powerloom and handloom cloth included), running agricultural farm, leading trade unions, supply and export of labour, collection of slogan shouters for rallies/ demonstrations/ election meetings.
Some others may be associated with running courier services, or employed as railway train crew or as ground crew at airports.
Some of these individuals might be managing loading and unloading of goods and managing transhipment yards at road transport godowns, railway godowns,.
seaports and airports, managing weight management centres, or functioning as brokers at foodgrain-mandi, vegetable-mandi and fruit-mandi. They could also be associated with survey of land for map-making or for cultivation or urbanisation.

Now the main point in this connection is that these individuals prove very hard task masters, are able to manage unruly labour, keep the labour organised, as far as possible avoid strike by labour, but in the same breath it is also true that their hard-task-master tendency leads to labour strike. Thus Saturn in the 5th house is a two-edged weapon in so far as labour management is concerned.
These individuals have no high morals, delivery of the job or task undertaken or entrusted is their first and foremost concern.
On their own, they are neither intimate friends nor bitter enemy to anyone without specific cause or purpose.
They are friendly with their work only. Similarly they have faith in God, but are not given to any regular prayers etc., unless some difficulty, problem or situation warrants it. Then they are quite regular in prayers, but only till the job/task is accomplished, or the trouble is over.
They rarely have faith in the theory of pure or dirty thoughts or even actions. They think an action necessary in their interest and go ahead with it.

Remedies –

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