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Benefits of Saturn in 4th House of Horoscope-

Saturn in the 4th House of Horoscope-

4th House

Saturn in the 4th House / Benefits of Saturn in 4th House of Horoscope /Characteristics of Saturn in 4th House of Horoscope-

Benefits of Saturn in 4th House of Horoscope-

A difficult position for the individual! It initially interferes with parental protection to the individual in infancy, childhood and adolescence as also in early youth. The reasons may be many, say separation between father and mother, father going away to distant land for livelihood, father or mother’s odd hours of work.

Other reasons can be the individual has been given away in adoption, or the individual living with grandparents or uncles or any family circumstances, or death of one of the parents. There can be other difficulties too, such as lack of means of the parents for proper education or proper upbringing according to standard of neighbourhood or fellow students in the school.

It might be second marriage of father or mother leading to living with a step-parent or step-brothers or step-sisters.

These events become all the more bitter and unbearable if Saturn mahadasa runs during childhood or early youth.

If nothing else, Saturn in the 4th house gives differences between individual and one of the parents and the individual is charged with disobedience or other faults by an either parent.

Sometimes the question of inheritance creates differences between the individual and both parents. In brief, Saturn is not satisfied unless it gives some kind of unpleasantness to the individual with regard to parents. If the individual is given into adoption, there too one of the above mentioned problems might crop up.

Saturn would not spare the individual where strain in relations with natural or adopted parents is concerned, The question is that the Bhava-Chalitam should confirm Saturn’s position in the 4th house, and if Saturn continues its 4th position in the Navamsha-chart, the situation becomes all the more bitter.

In these circumstances, it is always better to get some religious remedy done for Saturn before the child is 12 years old. Experience shows,it does reduce the bad effect of Saturn.

Second stroke likely to be given by Saturn in the 4 th house is of repeated falls and injuries, even accidents, injury to bone, injury or deformity of one of the testicles, hernia trouble in childhood or early youth.

Chances are greater if Saturn mahadasa or Saturn antardasa in Venus/Mercury/Jupiter mahadasa occurs before the age of 23 years. Then it creates problems in competitions for career or

job, entry into profession, entry into active politics (between the age of 23 and 35 years).

Saturn doesn’t feel satisfied after creating problems at the initial stage of entry into livelihood.

It does try to give problems and harassment in the course of Career, profession, job, industrial venture, business etc.

Why is it so? Because Saturn causes harm or damage to the house on which it has full drishti, and sitting in the 4th house, it would have full drishti on the 10th house, which rules father and livelihood (also politics).

Saturn in the 4th house often makes an individual undertake repeated tours and travels, and then it causes inconvenience to the individual as well as to the family. Accidental injury to the individual or his or her vehicle or mode of transport can not be ruled out, when Saturn is in the 4th house.

Saturn doesn’t stop here. It causes inconvenience from domestic servants, other employees and labour, sometimes a domestic help gives up suddenly and next help takes time to arrange, and discomfort descends on the individual or the spouse. Pilferage, embezzlement and sabotage at the hands of employees are also not ruled out. But if the mother is alive, she stays in good stead for the individual in such circumstances.

Saturn gives a tendency for accepting (even extracting) bribes and illegal gratifications in kind rather than cash. For example, a lower division clerk in the Central Public Works Department, whose job was just to deliver payment-cheques to the works-contractors, never took even a single rupee as bribe and he was able to build a four-storied spacious house merely by begging entire construction material, as also borrowing construction technicians and labour force from the contractors! And he had Saturn and Ketu in the 4th house!

Apart from these nasty points, Saturn gives some very able results too. It gives the individual a desire and capacity to undertake construction works for social and charitable purposes, with own money or with the financial and active help and support of others. Such projects include school, college, hospital, dispensary, night homes for needy, shelters for widows

and destitute women, drinking water stands, ponds and tanks for humans and cattle.Sometimes prayer houses, marriage halls, etc.If the individuals do not have own financial capacity, they appeal to others to provide funds for these purposes.

These individuals are no doubt closely associated with and active for these purposes of public utility and public service.

Then these individuals are good fighters at any active battle for the nation or the state. They function as expert and dependable spies and envoys.

They make expert engineers, scientists and technocrats in automobile/locomotive/aeroplane industries, but not much in shipping industry. They are not very efficient teachers, but they make efficient demonstrators, practical surgeons, orthopaedic doctors/technicians, works engineers, craftsmen., masons, architects, sculptors, construction workers for high-rise buildings, roads, bridges, and sometimes dams too if Venus too has some kind of link with Saturn in the 4th house.

They often have the tendency and willingness to help persons in difficulty, flood-affected or earthquake affected people, drought-affected people, masses and cattle suffering in famine conditions.

They make their best efforts to provide fodder and other eatables for cattle on death-path in drought and famine conditions.

These individuals are normally good friends, they make friends slowly (not at the first sight or first meeting) and they try to be sincere and helpful.

At the same time they have a forceful tendency for revenge if a friend does any wrong to them, though they are not so revengeful towards a foe.

They own residential property, either inherited or self acquired, but do not enjoy continuous residence in it, because they reside in a different town or state or country, or in a residence provided by the employer or government or local body.

As are chances, if these individuals are in construction line, they build houses and roads of dependable kind, not just fallible pigeon-holes being constructed these days by Development Authorities in every city and town of India.

These individuals have the facility of conveyance, whether belonging to self or by courtesy of others or employers or neighbours or colleagues.

Even then they run the risk of being stranded on road or on train route or at the airport, reasons might be any.

And Saturn’s last stroke: these individuals, whether men or women, accumulate extra pounds of flesh around waist line, buttocks and upper thighs, which adversely affects their blood system, might give rise to angina trouble and ultimately to a serious ailment of the heart.

These individuals are neither regular nor prompt in medical treatment of self or of others; they are given to a tendency of taking things easy.

They are not very choosy and fault finding about food, moreso after they start living away or apart from natural mother.

It is best for these individuals to go for a walk daily, walk for the sake of walking. It will spare them pain in the waistline and trouble with the spine bone, and help in keeping body weight within prescribed medical limits
Remedies –

Person, who have Saturn Planet in 4th House with good aspect and placement or lord of 4th  house then he or she can wear Blue Sapphire (Neelam Quality)  Gemstone. click here to view our product This will boost up their administration ability, business skills, successful career and help in business. If Saturn placed with negative aspects then he or she do Mrityunjaya Mantra

Note : Always wear Astrological Gemstones only after consulting your Horoscope with a Learned Vedic Astrologer –

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