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SATURN IN THE 12TH HOUSE / Benefits of SATURN in 12th House of Horoscope /Characteristics of SATURN in 12th House of Horoscope.

Benefits of SATURN in 12th House of Horoscope :

This is one of the most difficult positions of Saturn in a Birth-chart for the following reasons.

  1. First of all, it often gives a height less than the typical average of that region or that climate or of the family group.
  2. Secondly, it is likely to give boils on the lower parts of the body in childhood.
  3. Thirdly, it adversely affects the digestive system in childhood at least upto the age of 12 or 13 years.
  4. Fourthly, it affects adversely the complexion of the individual. In other words, the person loses to some extent the fair complexion of childhood by the time the person reaches the age of 23 years.
  5. Fifthly, the individual reflects a snobbish tendency right from the school days.
  6. Sixthly, the individual is capable of telling believable lies with a straight face.
  7. Seventhly, the individual considers one’s own self as someone different than other members of the family, that she or he is a kind of superior person. The individual adopts this s complex (which is not a birth-nature) to evade manual work at home, in the school and at work in initial stages of joining.
  8. Eightly, the individual when out on a buying spree forgets the money content in the pocket or the purse, and at some stage falls short of money for payment and then doesn’t hesitate to ask the accompanying person (spouse or relation or friend) to make up the payment. Normally nothing wrong in it, but the individual delays return of that money, or sometimes manages to totally forget the repayment to the friend or relation.
  1. Ninthly, the individual does not respond in the same manner. Suppose the same friend or relation on some other subsequent occasion is short of money in the market, the Individual instead of “one good turn deserves another” makes excuses that the individual too doesn’t have enough money to lend on the spot to the relation or the friend.
  2. Tenthly, the individual has no hitch or hesitation in telling lies, making false excuses even in routine matters, leave aside the question of being subjected to any enquiry or investigation. However one difficulty is there. These individuals do not always remember what lies they had spoken, and when confronted with their own previous statement, the contradiction in the statements becomes very obvious.

These are just the routine plus and minus points for the individuals with Saturn in the 12th house. They become, at least sometimes, a victim by their own utterances, written statements, and acts and actions of commission and omission, anywhere and everywhere.

They Thus drop into the trap of enquiry, investigation and action under rules, regulations and law of the land. Because they are, in many cases, themselves open to illegal gratification or obligation, they try their best to influence the enquiry office or investigating authority to win over his or her favour leading to their acquittal.

This trick or theory sometimes works and sometimes falls flat with further adverse consequences for the individuals. depending on the position of Jupiter in the Birth-chart and its relationship with Saturn. This point leads us to the conclusion that barring a few, most of these individuals are apt to unfair and unjustified earnings and income, if not in cash, at least in kind or by way of obligations of other kind for self or kith and kin.

It has often been noticed that their money, at least a good part of it, goes the same way, which way it accrued in their hands. They presume, rightly to some extent in modern times, that everyone can be bought, in the same manner in which they themselves can be bought by others through bribes and illegal gifts.

They are often helpful to the members of immediate and distance family but always with an eye for return. And they have no hitch or hesitation in usurping the rightful possessions of others, whether they are friends or members of the immediate or wider family.

These  individuals evade taking risk in helping or supporting or cooperating with other members of the immediate or wider family or friends. But they expect that those members of the family or friends must come to their help, and relief. Also rescue them without any reservation or restraint of any kind.

They often keep ‘yesmen’ quite handy, who would be prepared, no doubt for monetary or any other selfish consideration, to shoulder the responsibility for acts and actions of commission and omission by these individuals. For example, if the owner makes a serious accident by his vehicle killing or very seriously injuring any person, and that owner’s chauffeur or driver takes the onus of the crime upon himself.

it is not unknown that mafia bosses never come to light for their nefarious and criminal activities, and it is always goons who get caught for smuggling, trading in human flesh, unlawful trading in arms and ammunition or in drugs. The mafia bosses maintain the families of these goons when they are in police custody or in jail, and also manage their release or bail. It can go without argument that this type of mafia bosses might be having Saturn or Mars or Rahu or Herschell or any two of these hard stars in the 12th house. No doubt it is also true that these mafia lords do come to suffer the consequences of their acts and actions of commission and omission, sooner or later.

The question then arises is that when do they come under the clutches of law or of bad resultant luck. It is explained below :

(a) First of all, it has to be studied which are the stars in the 12th house with Saturn or whether Saturn is alone there.

(b) Whether Mars or Mercury or Jupiter has direct (drishti) aspect on Saturn from the 6th house.

(c) The birth Navamsha-chart should be studied whether it has any hard stars in the 12th house and any soft stars in the 6th house.

(d) Or any combination of hard and soft stars is in the 8th house.

It has also to be determined in this process which stars  are most harmful and with how much strength, and when is the likely period of their causing the harm.

  • Now, whenever the individual comes under mahadasa of Saturn and antardasa of that other planet connected with Saturn, or whenever the other planet has its mahadasa with Saturn’s antardasa under it, the individual is likely to suffer consequences of own misdeeds of this birth or of the previous birth.
  • Whenever Saturn runs its Saadhe-saati (Seven-and-half years bad period by transit), the individual is to suffer consequences of his or her own misdeeds.
  • Similarly when Saturn is in 4th or the 8th transit from Janma Rasi, that is also distinctively an unfavourable period lasting on an  average for two-and-a-half years.
  • Whenever Saturn is in an unfavourable position in the Yearly-chart.
  • If Jupiter is lord of the 6th house or 12th house or Mars is lord of the 2nd or the 12th house, trouble can descend upon the individual during Saturn mahadasa and Jupiter sub-period, or Mars sub-period. The sufferings for own misdeeds can descend upon the individual during mahadasa of Jupiter or Mars and sub-period of Saturn thereunder.

It has to be noted that Saturn in the 12th house is capable of giving losses in industrial ventures, manufacturing units, in any other such business or income-generating activity as might be directly or indirectly connected with domain of Saturn.

It can give loss of money by jealousy and misdeed of any member of the family or an intimate friend. It can give loss of money by strike or any other kind of trouble created by labour force or other employees, or by pilferage or by embezzlement or by theft.

Loss of money can be caused due to natural calamity such as earthquake, landslides, drought conditions damaging crops owned by the individual, looting type attack by famine struck groups of people.


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