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Quality and Size of Gems

Quality and Size of Gems


Quality and Size of Gems


Quality and Size of Gems

Quality and Size of Gems: In regard to obtaining the best possible quality in gems, certain requirements are necessary. In the scriptures it is stated that Gems should be ‘flawless’, yet this would mean ‘eye-clean’, as healers didn’t have microscopes in those days. So if a gem is normally faceted in cut, you should see very little if anything in the ways of imperfections. Emeralds as a rule will have a small amount, but no dark or blackish inclusions should be present. It should look clear to the eye. Also, the ‘sharper’ or ‘glasslike’ the crystal of the stone, the better. Some whitish inclusions may not be harmful, but it takes an experienced and gemologically qualified astrologer or planetary gemologist to know which ones are and which aren’t. Generally, if you can easily see things within the stone, choose another one that appears clear.

With cabochon-cut stones such as you would find Cat’s-eye or Red Coral, they are extremely expensive. Coral will never be transparent, but it should be of an even color and not ‘cracked’ or blotchy. It is always best to obtain your gems from someone whose reputation is good and who has had years of experience in the specialized field of planetary gemology, or from a jeweler who has such a reliable source.

The gems must further be natural, meaning that they were neither synthetically produced in a laboratory nor treated by excessive heating or irradiation for the purpose of enhancing their color or clarity. When this is done the stone’s vibrations change and will no longer radiate the cosmic rays necessary to effect the desired results. Synthetic gems do not have the same vibratory rates as those which are natural, nor do they radiate the same cosmic colors. This can be proven by viewing the stone through a prism.

A ruby should be of size 5 to 10 carats and always be set in Yellow Gold, and it should be at least 75 per cent Gold.

Pearls of size 4 to 12 carats in weight are best. The pearl should generally be set in Silver.

Red Coral should be at least 6 carats in weight. We have found that a size of about 8 carats is optimal for most and can go up to about 15 carats or so. It should be set in Yellow Gold and about 14k.

Emeralds are to be set in either Silver, Gold, or Platinum. If Gold, White Gold is best rather than Yellow.

Yellow Sapphire should be at least 5 carat if of upmost quality, but we have found that the larger the better with this gem. 5-10 carat sizes are extremely powerful, and the benefic results are obvious to even the greatest of skeptics. It should be set in yellow gold, best in 18k.

According to the classical texts Blue Sapphires should be 5 carats, but the larger stone the better result is gives, within reasons of course. If set in Silver, Platinum, or White gold, it seems to give Superlative Results.

Hessonite, Garnet or Gomed is said to be good in 5 Carat size, but better to get a bigger stone which will be most effective. It should be made in Panch-dhatu Or Ashta-dhatu. We have seen them produce good effects, though, when simply set in silver or gold.

Chrysoberyl Cat’s-eye is recommended also in 5-10 carat Sizes, which again we fully see as most effective. It is recommended in the same metal combinations as hessonite, but again, most of our experience is seeing it set into either plain Gold or Silver settings and being uncontestedly effectual.


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