Prescribing Gems in Astrology

Prescribing Gems in Astrology

Prescribing Gems in Astrology

Gems occupy a place of pride in astrology.

Varahmihira has provided details. It may, however, be stated at the outset that he has simply described their properties. He has said nothing about who should wear it and who should not? The chapter on gems in Brihat Samhita starts with the assertion that auspicious gems bring good luck to the king and inauspicious gems bad luck:

रत्नेन शुभेन शुभं भवति नृपाणामनिष्तमशुभेन ।

(Good or auspicious gems bring good luck to kings and inauspicious ones bad luck).

This is to say, in other words, that anyone who has a particular object in mind can wear the relevant gem to achieve his desired aim. There is no restriction as to the ascendant, rasi or anything else for the wearer on astrological principles. As the gems have been found effective in many ways various principles were evolved subsequently but there is no unanimity about them. One view is that the malefic planet in the birth chart needs propitiation and as such the gem ascribed to him should be worn by the native. This view does not appear to be very convincing. On the one hand, every planet, except Sun and Moon, owns two houses. One of these houses may be auspicious and the other inauspicious.

We Should identify the malefic planets in each case by the study of the individual charts and make it a point that the native is never advised to wear the gems pertaining to those planets. By malefic it does not mean the natural malefic but those who are the owners of houses 3, 6, 8 and 12. The practitioners may have their own reservations in this regard. In fact, no Planet is good or bad, or malefic or benefic. They only signify the affairs of their houses. Even house 8 becomes useful for the affairs of house 10 because the 8th house is 11th to it.

The best way to use the gems is to study each case individually and to advise the use according to the requirement of the case.

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