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Planets and their gems-Red Coral

Planets and their gems



Using Red Coral for Mars

Using Red Coral for Mars, Mars is the planet said to be the ‘commander-in-chief’ of our solar system and personified as the god of war. In the horoscope his position indicates one’s energy, determination, strength, aggressiveness, and self-confidence. Mars is also the ruling planet for cooks and restaurateurs and all types of police and military personnel.

When Mars is well-placed it can give one rulership of property or talents in the construction industry. One may be a great martial artist or adept in military skills. Great energy for success in all endeavors, sexual prowess, and courageous action result from a well-situated Mars in the birth horoscope. Mars also rules the heart and blood system, so a strong Mars indicates good physical health.

If Mars is afflicted or ill-placed in the heavens at birth, then a person may be extremely argumentative or violent. It can make a person resort to illegal activities in order to make money, or simply move him to rash and impulsive action. One’s character in general may be weak if Mars is weak, and he may additionally have blood problems, poor appetite, or meager immunity to disease. Wearing a red coral to strengthen Mars is recommended in such a case, provided that negative attributes would not be increased through its use. I have encountered persons who complained of heart palpitations and high blood pressure after wearing a red coral that had been recommended to them by others. If there is any doubt about the efficacy of gems, it is always conscientious to consult a colleague for second opinion on behalf of a client.

When the ascendant is Aries, Mars is the ruler and therefore it is very beneficial to wear red coral in most cases. It will help to strengthen the physical body and determination of an individual. As Mars also rules the 8th house, there are cases where this may not be advisable, but generally red coral is a stone which can be worn throughout life.

With Taurus ascendant we have Venus as the ascendant lord. Mars and Venus are inimical to each other, so the rule of thumb is to avoid recommendation of red coral unless Mars tenants the 7th or 12th houses which it rules. Even here careful examination is necessary as especially in the case of women it may further intensify any unpleasant emotional experiences occurring within relationships in the case of a 7th house placement. During the planetary periods of Mars there may be more reason for the use of red coral.

Gemini ascendant is ruled by Mercury, and there is an inimical relationship between these two planets as well, generally do not prescribe red coral unless Mars is in his own houses, ruling the 6th or 11th, or in his dashas or bhuktis.

Cancer ascendant is ruled by the Moon, who is a friend to Mars. Besides this positive planetary relationship, Mars always creates a raja yoga when Cancer rises, being lord of both the 5th and 10th houses. In this case it is generally well advisable and beneficial to wear red coral, as it may help with reputation, teaching, and success in business and with children to do so. Wearing a combination of red coral with pearl during Mars’s planetary periods can bring extremely beneficial effects.

Leo ascendant is ruled by the Sun, and there is a most auspicious relationship between these two as friends. Also, as with Cancer ascendant, Mars creates a raja yoga on his own due to lordship of both the 4th and 9th houses. This will increase an already good reputation, bring further success in business affairs-especially those dealing with land, homes, and enhance one’s strength and good health.

Virgo ascendant is ruled by Mercury, who is the enemy of Mars. For this reason and due to Mars’s rulership of the 3rd and 8th houses, red coral is hardly ever to be recommended. The only exception is for short periods of time to Counter physical maladies, or during a dasha or bhukti of Mars.

Libra ascendant is under the charge of Venus, who also has an inimical relationship with Mars. Although Mars is lord of the 2nd and 7th houses which rule important categories of life, it more often than not causes difficulty rather than acts as an aid. Only if Mars is in the 7th house may coral be worn during his periods, but even then it is not for everyone.

Scorpio ascendant is ruled by Mars, so more often than not red coral may be worn with great benefit. Rulership here is over the 1st and 6th houses, so health may be positively affected as well. The gems acts as a general enhancement for these natives.

When Sagitarius is the ascendant, Jupiter, who is a friend to Mars, is lord. Mars will then own the auspicious 5th house as well as the difficult 12th, but again this is a matter for thoughtful analysis in regard to recommending the use of red coral. It may help with investments of money and energy and bring increased benefits in the categories ruled by Mars and these houses. As Mars is lord of the 12th house, wearing the gems may help to redirect the sexual energy for spiritual aspirants on the yogic path.


With Capricorn ascendant, Saturn becomes the lord. Although Mars is in an inimical relationship with the lord of the ascendant, we have many times seen good results from wearing red coral, especially during his dasha or bhukti, as he rules the 4th and 11th houses. Naturally some house placements may be more beneficial than others, but when suitable it will help in domestic life, property dealings, health, and other Mars-related categories.

Aquarius ascendant is also ruled by Saturn, who is an enemy to Mars. Mars will here rule the 3rd and 10th houses, and so the same rule applies as with Capricorn ascendants in that good results may be gained, especially in Mars’s planetary periods, through wearing the red coral, but great care should be exercised in its usage at other times.

Pisces ascendant has Jupiter as its lord, and there exists a very friendly relationship between these two planets. Mars is the lord of the 2nd and 9th houses for this ascendant, and so wearing red coral may be extremely beneficial. It can bring one success in gaining greater wealth and influence, and cause one’s political or social standing to become more elevated. To wear the red coral at the same time as wearing a yellow sapphire is especially auspicious for bringing positive results, although they are not to be set in the same ring or talisman but should be worn on the appropriate fingers as separate rings or talismans.

The wearing of red coral when Mars is in the 1st house may increase one’s energy or drive for success, and is also good for negotiation in business. Drawbacks can be the increasing of an argumentative natures and this can be especially harmful in marital relationships. If Mars is in the 2nd house wearing red coral may increase one’s ability to be convincing when speaking to others, as well as one’s appetite. it can be good for energy in business, but one must be careful of being sarcastic or verbally biting towards others if this is already an inherent problem.

For a 3rd house Mars placement wearing red coral may make the immune system function better. It also increases one’s communicative abilities in a more forceful way, so it must be decided whether this is desirable or not in consideration of the particular propensities or talents of the person.

When Mars is in the 4th house it will increase one’s passion if this gem is worn. Although sexual power may be maximized, often Mars here causes marital problems and suffering in relationships. If this is the case, red coral may exacerbate any already-existing difficulties in this important area of life.

For a 5th house Mars wearing red coral can increase one’s attention and strength as a teacher, counselor, parent, or student. It may make stomach problems worse, though; so if excess pitta disorders are evident, this gem should not be used.

When Mars tenants the 6th house red coral can be useful in overcoming opposition such as in litigation or in winning debates. It may also have a beneficial effect on the circulatory system and as a sexual stimulant.

For Mars in the 7th house red coral can help in work dealing with the public, but as this is the marriage or partnership house, it can make any suffering in this area even worse if this gem is worn. Especially for women I have seen it make an ahead difficult relationship substantially more distressing. Each person must be considered individually, so if Mars is beneficial for the ascendant, then the stone may be recommended in some cases.

Mars in the 8th house is an already difficult situation that doesn’t need to be increased, so in general red coral is not recommended. If Aries is the ascendant, the individual is over 35 years of age, and he is in the dasha of a planet friendly to Mars, then the gems can bring benefits in gains through insurance claims, inheritance, or other endeavors where a person doesn’t actually ‘work’ for the earnings. If it is incorrectly advised that the stone be worn, it may cause trouble in domestic relationships, bring one into the association of those engaged in unlawful enterprises, and increase accidents or mishaps.

Mars in the 9th house can be a very productive position for acting on behalf of a spiritual or charitable cause. It may also bring success in real estate endeavors or work with machinery, thus yielding benefit for those wearing red coral. If there are already violent tendencies or uncontrollable anger in one’s personality it should never be worn, as these unpalatable traits would only become more pronounced.

A 10th house placement of Mars is very powerful and can be positively enhanced by using red coral. In all Mars categories it will increase results. It may increase impulsiveness or a tendency toward rash action, which may not be desired, so for younger persons it may not be advisable.

For Mars in the 11th house position red coral can greatly enhance not only material gains, but actions considered to be motivated by philosophical or philanthropic ideology. It is further said to increase influence over others and to bring fulfillment of desires. When Mars tenants the 12th house it is unlikely that red coral would be recommended. Although it may have positive effects on one who is a renunciate engaged in purely spiritual pursuits, for most it may have negative effects. It may cause menstrual problems or make one unable to sleep at night. This is a house of material suffering, so if Mars is here, then in general the wearing of red coral will increase the malefic effects.

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