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Planets and Their gems Emerald

Planets and their gems

Using emerald for mercury copy (1)



Using Emerald for Mercury

Emerald for Mercury

Mercury is the planet that represents our intelligence and rules over all communicative abilities which we may possess. It has a mutable nature, and therefore will reflect the energies of any planets it is associated with. All educational, business, and artistic affairs ultimately come under the rulership of Mercury. If it is well-placed in the natal horoscope, a person will have enthusiasm and the ability to communicate well in both their profession and in personal affairs. Writers, artists, lecturers, teachers, businessmen, office managers, and astrologers—to name a few—must have a strong Mercury in their natal horoscope to become effective or successful in their work. If it is weak, a person may be restless, fearful, or even neurotic. Should Mercury be badly afflicted, there may be a poor intellect or lack of ability to communicate satisfactorily with others. Memory is also usually poor in these cases. As Mercury rules the nervous system, there can be many problems relating to nervousness, lack of confidence, and the tendency to develop an addictive personality. A host of other medical problems may also ensue, as delineated in previous chapters.

Emerald is the gems used for strengthening a weak or afflicted Mercury, for it distributes the green cosmic rays which this planet emanates. It may alleviate many of the difficulties caused by the lack of these rays, and it can be more readily prescribed as a gem for a benefic planet if prevailing factors call for its use.

When Aries rises or is the ascendant, Mars becomes the ruling planet. Mercury has an inimical relationship with Mars, and also owns two houses which can indicate difficulties—the 3rd and the 6th. Generally the emerald is not to be recommended in this case. Should Mercury be in its own signs, occupying the 3rd or 6th house, and well placed or aspected, then the gem may be suitable for use during the dashas or bhuktis of Mercury.

If Taurus is on the ascendant, Venus becomes the lord. There is a very favorable, friendly relationship between these two planets, and Mercury also owns the auspicious 2nd and 5th houses. Thus, wearing an emerald will increase business acumen, monetary wealth, and effective dealings with children or students. All persons in the communications field will find their lives greatly enhanced as a result of wearing this gems.

With Gemini ascendant Mercury himself is the ruler. Mercury owns two auspicious houses, the 1st and the 4th, and natives here will almost without exception benefit from wearing an emerald. In all affairs of life pertaining to health, career, education, marriage, and household-related activities, there will be positive effects. It should be worn all throughout one’s life.

When Cancer is ascendant, the Moon becomes the lord. There is not a friendly relationship between Mercury and this ruler, so an emerald is generally not to be worn. Mercury also owns the 3rd and 12th houses, which are not considered auspicious. Exceptions may be when Mercury occupies his own signs or his planetary periods are running.

Leo ascendant is ruled by the Sun, and there are different opinions about whether an emerald should be worn here or not. My own feeling is that insofar as Mercury does own the 2nd and 11th houses, which are important for material gains, although I wouldn’t recommend the emerald for constant use throughout one’s life, my experience is that it brings great benefit during Mercury’s dasha or bhuktis in business and domestic affairs.

Virgo ascendant is of course ruled by Mercury, as is Gemini, making him lord of the 1st and 10th houses. This is probably the optimal situation for recommending use of the emerald. As these houses are all-auspicious and wearing an emerald can increase boons in career success, social status, wealth, and both physical and emotional health, the prescription that it be worn always would be an excellent one.

Libra ascendant is ruled by Venus, which is in a friendly relationship with Mercury, so natives here can wear the emerald in most circumstances. Mercury here rules the 9th house, the house of bhagya or good fortune, and although he is also lord of the 12th house, we have seen very good results in most cases from use of this gems, especially during the planetary periods of Mercury.

With Scorpio as the ascendant, Mars becomes the ascendant lord. Mars and Mercury are inimical toward each other, which generally means that the emerald is not to be worn. Also Mercury rules the 8th house, which is an inauspicious house, materially speaking. Although his lordship of the 11th house may seem to create an appropriate situation for wearing an emerald, I recommend against it in most cases.

Sagitarius ascendant is ruled by benefic Jupiter. Here there is a neutral relationship between the ascendant lord and Mercury. Although Mercury individually rules two kendras—the 7th and 10th houses, due to ruling both he acquire , temporal malefic attributes. As wearing an emerald for Mercury can aggravate problems in 7th house categories such as relationships, I generally don’t recommend it except when Mercury in the 9th or 10th houses during his dasha or bhuktis.

When Capricorn is the ascendant, Saturn becomes the lord. Saturn and Mercury have a friendly relationship, thus making recommendation of the emerald suitable. Here Mercury rules the 6th and 9th houses, and although the 6th is one which brings certain troubles in life, we have seen very good results from using an emerald. During Mercury’s planetary periods this becomes especially effective.

Aquarius ascendant is also ruled by Saturn, and this is again a friendly relationship for Mercury. Here an auspicious trine, the 5th house, is ruled by Mercury, as well as the difficult 8th house. In many instances an emerald proves to be beneficial, but if Mercury is afflicted it is often best to also wear a blue sapphire at the same time.

When Pisces is ascendant Jupiter becomes the ascendant lord, and there is a neutral relationship between these two planets. Here Mercury rules two kendras, the 4th and 7th houses. As mentioned earlier, although these are good houses, owning both makes the ruler temporarily malefic and an emerald may cause difficulty if improperly recommended. During the planetary periods of Mercury it may he suitable if Mercury occupies any kendra or trine except for the 7th house.

Should Mercury occupy the 1st house, wearing an emerald may increase one’s communicative ability. It is good for people who are teachers or preachers of a religious doctrine. If however there are afflictions, it may increase nervousness, or create nervous disorders.

If Mercury occupies the 2nd house, wearing an emerald may help with earning money via one’s speech such as in lecturing or teaching. It is also good for those in the publishing industry. Depending on the ascendant lord’s relationship with Mercury, it may also help in marital or familial affairs.

Mercury tenanting the 3rd house signifies having the planet ruling in the house of communication. It is often very Conducive to writers increasing their level of creativity or output of work. If there are nerve-related problems already existing, then the emerald is not recommended as this condition may be worsened.

In the 4th house position wearing an emerald for Mercury is generally good. It may help in domestic affairs or business transactions involving real estate, automobiles, or other machinery. It is highly recommended for those in the educational field as well.

When Mercury occupies the 5th house, choosing to wear an emerald can be an excellent decision. It would help teachers, counselors, researchers, and politicians to increase their effectiveness in their respective vocations. Those in the entertainment field also generally find increased benefits from wearing an emerald.

With Mercury in the 6th house more care must be taken with recommendation of the emerald. If the ascendant lord is a friend, then it can often help in overcoming opponents. It also may help teachers of a spiritual doctrine to better communicate their meaning to others. It should not be worn, however, if nervous disorders are present, as it will intensify this condition.

When Mercury tenants the 7th house we would rarely recommend wearing the emerald. This position can often cause marriage problems which result in divorce, and so wearing an emerald would not be beneficial. If, however, a person were older than 50 years of age, then this situation would be less likely to occur, and if one is engaged in business dealings with the public, use of the emerald can be beneficial.

Mercury in the 8th house may cause nervous system complaints and a lack of sociability. Although it may increase clairvoyant abilities or psychic intuition, we only rarely recommend that the emerald be worn in this situation.

For Mercury in the 9th house position emerald is very often an excellent choice of gem. There may be an increase in communication skills, fortune in one’s Occupation, and a beneficial effect in regard to assisting students in their grasp of knowledge. It may also help in gaining favor from employers or other authority figures.

When Mercury tenants the 10th house, again we generally have a favorable circumstance for the recommendation of an emerald. It will enhance one’s speaking abilities, and be especially useful to salespersons in their work. Through wearing this gems, all types of professionals who deal with the public may benefit, and also those in the healing field.

If Mercury occupies the 11th house wearing an emerald may be beneficial in gaining wealth. It can also increase one’s influence over others and generally tends to bring an increase in the sensual categories of life.

When Mercury tenants the 12th house we would usually be extra cautious in recommending the use of an emerald, as it can affect an already unstable emotional nature in a negative way. It may provide some relief from insomnia and also make dreams or psychic visions more intense. Only if Mercury is in one of his own signs do I generally consider advising that one wear the gem over a long-term, but this is more an exception than a rule.


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