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Planets and Their gems Blue Sapphire

Planets and their gems

Planets and Their gems Blue Sapphire


Jyotish Blue Sapphire For Saturn :

Saturn is the slowest moving of the major planets, taking approximately 30 months to pass through all the signs of the Zodiac. He is said to be malefic as he rules over many types of struggles or ‘percieved’ misfortunes. He rules aging and death as well as renunciation or detachment from the exclusively materialistic worldview. He is the greatest of teachers and rules over monks, ascetics, and yogis.

Saturn rules over work or career and the ability to become well-known. If well-positioned in one’s natal horoscope there may be a long life-span. It can produce a great leader who possesses fame as well as wisdom. If poorly positioned there may be many sorrows and disappointments. There may be enemies and legal litigation may end miserably, even to the point of becoming incarcerated in some circumstances.

ILL aspected or malefically posited, Saturn may cause fear, loneliness, greedy or sadistic tendencies, dishonesty, or drug addiction. There may be problems with authority and difficulty in earning a living. As mentioned in an earlier chapter, a weak Saturn means a lack of violet cosmic rays, which can cause nervous disorders, weak bones and teeth, and low resistance to other diseases. Blue Sapphire is the gems used to increase the violet cosmic rays, and this will also help to counteract other problems in life caused by Saturn’s weakness.

For Aries ascendants Mars is the ruling planet, and Saturn is an enemy to Mars. Although Saturn rules the important 10th and 11th houses, it is generally not recommended to wear the Blue Sapphire in this situation. The exception would be if Saturn occupies the 9th or 10th houses. In this case a blue sapphire may be worn during his planetary periods.

When Taurus is on the ascendant Venus becomes the ascendant lord. This is not only a friendly planetary relationship for Saturn, but he creates a raja yoga by his ownership of the 9th and 10th houses. Here great benefit may be derived through wearing a blue sapphire. It may help to gain fame or authority over others, as well as general success and expansion of wealth.

For Gemini ascendants Mercury is the lord, and here again is a friendly planetary relationship between the ruler and Saturn. Saturn is here the owner of both the auspicious 9th house as well as the inauspicious 8th. A Blue Sapphire may be worn with beneficial effects, especially if an emerald is also worn throughout one’s life.

Cancer ascendants are ruled by the Moon, who has an inimical relationship with Saturn, and Saturn here rules the 7th and 8th houses. We have never recommended the wearing of a Blue Sapphire for these natives, even during the planetary periods of Saturn.

For Leo ascendants the Sun is the ruling planet. This is again an inimical relationship for Saturn, and he owns the 6th and 7th houses. As with Cancer ascendant the Blue Sapphire should really never be worn, even during Saturn’s planetary periods.

For Virgo ascendant Mercury is the Lord. Here Saturn is a friend to the lord of the ascendant and rules the 5th and 6th houses. Blue Sapphire may be chosen for this ascendant, and produces especially powerful effects during the dasha or bhuktis of Saturn.

When Libra is on the ascendant Venus is the ruling planet. As with the Taurus ascendant Saturn is of course a friend, and again creates a raja yoga through his ownership of the 4th and 5th houses. The Blue Sapphire may be worn by these persons, and can be helpful in educational pursuits as well as with business and investment success.

For Scorpio ascendant Mars is the planetary ruler. Saturn has an inimical relationship with Mars and has ownership of the 3rd and 4th houses. Generally, the blue sapphire is not recommended, except when Saturn’s dasha or bhuktis are running.

For Sagittarius ascendant Jupiter is the ascendant lord, and Saturn rules the 2nd and 3rd houses. The relationship between Saturn and Jupiter is Inmical, so generally the Blue Sapphire is not a good choice of gems. Depending on Saturn’s position, though, a blue sapphire may be recommended during Saturn’s planetary periods.

With Capricorn ascendant Saturn is lord of the ascendant. He rules both the 1st and 2nd houses, and a Blue Sapphire may be recommended for wearing constantly throughout one’s life. It could help to build strength in all areas of one’s life, both materially and spiritually.

For Aquarius ascendant Saturn is again the ruling planet, although here he rules the 1st and 12th houses. Generally, it is auspicious for these natives to wear the Blue Sapphire, and it may help with one’s reputation, wealth, and career success. It may intensify psychic or clairvoyant ability for one so inclined, or steer one further toward spirituality.

When Pisces is the ascendant Jupiter becomes the planetary lord. As aforementioned, there is an inimical relationship between Jupiter and Saturn, so we don’t often recommend the wearing of a Blue Sapphire on the body. If Saturn is posited in Capricorn or Libra, though, it may be beneficial during his planetary periods.

When Saturn tenants the 1st house wearing a Blue Sapphire may help to expand one’s influence in political or service-oriented positions. It can also be helpful to those engaged in travel or import-export businesses between countries.

If Saturn occupies the 2nd house wearing a Blue Sapphire may bring stability or gain to one’s financial situation. It could also be helpful in regard to the exercising of self-control in one’s eating habits, and aid in business ventures or other projects which are wide in scope.

For Saturn in the 3rd house wearing a Blue Sapphire can be helpful in resolving family disputes or disagreements between business associates. It may help with one’s communication skills or in any profession based on such abilities.

When Saturn tenants the 4th house the Blue Sapphire gems may be an aid for business or other successes in foreign countries. It can especially helpful for persons engaged in real estate dealings or those who use machinery in their occupations. It can also be an aid in meditative or yogic practices.

The 5th house position of Saturn may be strengthened by wearing a Blue Sapphire for improvement in the area of education regardless of whether one is a teacher or a student. It can again here be an aid in meditation. If stomach problems exist, however, it should be avoided, as a Blue Sapphire may further aggravate this condition.

When Saturn tenants the 6th house a Blue Sapphire may be helpful in overseas work or travel. It may benefit those in the construction industry or the real estate business. It may also be beneficial for those going through legal disputes.

When Saturn is situated in the 7th house wearing a Blue Sapphire may assist one in communications with the public or in political dealings. It is generally not recommended for persons under 40 years of age as it may add to difficulties in relationships, partnerships, or marriage.

If Saturn tenants the 8th house a Blue Sapphire may assist in clairvoyant work or in practicing spiritual discipline. If, however, there are any problems with the intestines or colon, especially chronic constipation, wearing the Blue Sapphire should be avoided.

For a 9th house placement of Saturn the Blue Sapphire may increase one’s influence in the political arena or in the spreading of a religious or socio-economic doctrine. The gem would also be helpful for those in the legal field or others engaged in debate, but it should not be worn if chronic digestive or elimination problems are present.

When Saturn Tenants the 10th house wearing a Blue Sapphire may increase one’s influence in his or her career, or generally over others. It would almost certainly increase the success in one’s work and one’s determination overall.

For an 11th house placement of Saturn a Blue Sapphire may increase monetory gains, and especially for businesses that deal in products derived from earth. It can increase one’s social influence, and is further said to offer one protection during travels to foreign lands.

If Saturn tenants the 12th house the Blue Sapphire is generally not a good choice of gems. It may increase the difficulties in one’s relationships or make one less interested in communicating with others. It can be helpful for those who late in life are spiritually inspired and are desirous of renouncing their material occupations.


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