Opal the mysterious gemstone

Opal the mysterious gemstone

Opal the mysterious gemstone

The opal is a slightly translucent and mysterious stone, in which the spectrum of colors from milky white to black is represented reflecting totality. These flashes of opalescent color and fire can be utilized to reach the highest spiritual levels of inner sight. The iridescent colors of the rainbow work on all the chakras. Some opals are able to work on more than one center at a time, equalizing and balancing as necessary. The entire opal family lifts ordinary consciousness to cosmic awareness so we may feel more united in our inner being, lessening the gap between the physical and the soul.

Opal comes from the Sanskrit word upala. Throughout history, this enigmatic stone has been associated with superstitious powers and widely exaggerated beliefs of invisibility and clairvoyance.

It is a very porous stone that can crack and shatter easily. The reflection and refraction of light on the water combined in the stone and tiny cracks of the opal cause the opalescent quality in the shifting colors. The milky, opaque, and shimmering variety serves in soothing the emotional nature. The color predominant in other opals works on the related chakras.

Opal is a gem of beauty, charm, wealth, and divine grace. It is a very sensual stone, one that supposedly attracts lovers. It bestows the power of fulfillment to the wearer and enhances financial prosperity.

It has been considered an unlucky stone at certain times because it absorbs the negativity of an individual and then returns it. This follows the law of return, or karma, which means that our thoughts need to be purified before wearing the stone or we shall be confronted with our own negativity.

Opal is a form of soft quartz and the extra ordinary range of colors it displays is due to very small particles of air which have become enclosed in the innumerable tiny cracks upon the jewel’s surface. Since water is bad for this soft and porus jewel, it shall never, in fact, be left upon the hands when they are washed.

Opal was not employed by the ancients very much in practical medicine, but was greatly esteemed in this connection in a mystical sense. Opals were worn to clear the brain and to revive and strengthen the memory. This was also a practice in the orient and in India, where the natives used to pass on opal across the brow to stimulate and refresh their mental powers at any time of particular strain or stress. The wearer is made more optimistic and less melancholy.

If, however, the opal was lacking in life, possessed no luster, and appeared dull and “flat” in tone, this was an occult sign that the affairs of the person to whom it be longed were under a cloud. The stone itself too had the power of conveying to the owner whether it was in sympathy with his actions or not.

Note: This stone does not suit those Venus is malefic or inauspicious. The Opal should not be worn with other stones.

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