Moon Looks & Nature

Moon Looks & Nature

Moon Looks & Nature

In Vedic Language, the Moon is called Chandra, which means shining and glowing. The Moon or Soma has a pale and fair complexion. His clothes, horses and rath are all white in colour. Positioned on a lotus, a gold crown adorns his head and a white pearl garland encircles his neck. His rath runs on three wheels and is pulled by ten white horses. Even the eyes and ears  of the horses are white.

The Moon is also referred to as the god of attraction and peace. He is a loving god, who is good to children. He is also considered good for women, their weel-being and motherhood. He is husband to the 27 daughters of King Daksha; all his wives are beautiful and peace-loving. These 27 wives are also known as nakshatras (star). This is why the Moon takes 27 days to move through all the zodiac signs. He spends each night with a nakshatra and moves away the next day.

The day assigned to the Moon is Monday; his direction is north-west, and the metal associated with the Moon is silver. The nature of the Moon is kapha karak (contentment/water). The ideal gemstones are Moonstone and pearl. In the zodiac chart, he is the lord of Cancer. In the janam kundli, the Moon has a tenure of ten years.

The Supreme Father Brahma designated him as the king of medicine, water and Brahmins. He is said to be complete with 16 arts. Lord Krishna was an avatar in the Moon’s family, and that is why Krishna was the master of all 16 arts ( sola kala sampoorn).


How to Please Soma

To Propitiate Soma, one should offer sweets made of honey to Soma on a Full Moon night or day; one will be blessed with peace and prosperity. If the Moon is not in harmony, breathing problems and many other mental tensions crop up.

To please him, keep a fast on Mondays, offer prayers to Lord Shiva, and apply sandalwood tilak on the forehead. Wear white pearls and white clothes. Donate rice, camphor, silver metal, conch and white clothes, white flowers, sugar and curd either to an eligible Brahmin or to anyone who is needy or to one who is physically handicapped or someone who is good and honest person. The beej mantra for Lord Soma is:

Om Haraam Sharm Shreem Shrom Saha Chandraya Namaha.


The best time to worship the Moon is in the evening, the best count for his mantra is 11,000 and his preferred colour is white. His ruler is Goddess Parvati, and the element is water.


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