Mars in the 5th house of horoscope-

Mars in the 5th house of horoscope-

Mars in the 5th house of horoscope-

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Mars in the 5th House/Benefits of Mars in the 5th House of Horoscope/Characteristics of Mars in the 5th House of Horoscope-

Mars in the 5th house of horoscope-


The 5th House mainly rules progeny, intelligence, education,
capacity and capability for management, administration, faith, devotion, respect towards God Almighty, and attitude towards teachers, Gurus and elders in age or wisdom.
Though the ancient acharyas have laid down that Mars in 5th house gives 3 sons, but experience shows that it is not so very correct. It does give a male child. Present-day limitations and restrictions on the number of progeny cuts down the total number of progeny, and thus effect of Mars gets reduced. Further Mars itself helps and causes termination of pregnancy or loss of pregnancy by natural and/ or medical causes.
Mars makes a youngster a ‘hot-shot’ in the classroom but actual performance in formal exams is much below the impressions given by the individual in the classroom.
These individuals are normally hard taskmasters, given to discipline and devotion to work on their own part as well as on the part of others, whether subordinate or associated with them. They respect the teachers, gurus and elders so long as they continue to deserve respect. Their faith in God. Almighty also fluctuates with their success and failures in life.
Since Mars rules the 5th house pertaining to progeny, it naturally rules the menstrual cycle, uterus and alliedunotirgaenlys connected with procreation in a female body. In this connection the points coming up for active consideration relate to untimely menopause, infertility, disturbed menstrual cycle and related ailments, repeated abortions or miscarriages, still
-birth, diseases related to uterus, fallopian tubes, ovaries and vagina. As such, Mars in 5th is responsible (as Saturn too is) with surgical treatment of diseases and ailments concerning the procreational apparatus in the female body.
If Mars is in a damaging position in the Dwadashansha chart and is anyway linked with Saturn or Rahu or Uranus in the basic Birth-chart, it can cause cancer of the uterus or adjoinin area in the female body. Mars can give epobiunrnt l I. skin ailment in the region below navel below buttocks.
At the same time, Mars in 5th gives annoyance, anger, which are not considered good qualities but which help a person in achieving success in a fight, battle etc. It is very rarely that a man having Mars in the 5th house suffers any kind of, partial or complete, impotency, notwithstanding the position of Venus in the Birth-chart or Navamsha-chart. With Mars in 5th, these men and women are generally good in management and administration, though expertise in marketing depends to a great extent on position and strength of Jupiter. Another point worth note is that Mars gives good or bad results of its position quite often during its mahadasa or its sub-period, though degree of good or bad results depends on relationship between Mars and lord of the mahadasa. It is also important that Mars gives definite results of its position in the Yearly-chart (Varshphal=annual progressive-chart).
For Yearly-chart calculations, please depend more on manually-constructed charts of an expert astrologer, rather than on a computer system, because a majority of the computer calculations are much below the accuracy levels required for such detailed study of an Yearly-chart. Mars in 5th house sometimes makes people mischief-mongers, specially in political or social arena, all the moreso if Gemini, Leo, Sagittarius or Pisces is in the 5th House.
Remedies –
Person, who have Mars Planet in Fifth House with good aspect and placement or lord of 5 th house then he or she can wear Red coral Gemstone. This will boost up their administration ability, business skills, successful career and help in business. If Moon placed with negative aspects then he or she do Hanuman Chalisa

Note : Always wear Astrological Gemstones only after consulting your Horoscope with a Learned Vedic Astrologer –

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