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MARS IN THE 10TH HOUSE / Benefits of MARS in 10th House of Horoscope /Characteristics of MARS in 10th House of Horoscope.

Benefits of MARS in 10th House of Horoscope :

All ancient and modern acharyas are unanimous in the opinion that Mars gives best result in the 10th house. EvenAbdur-Rahim-Khaan-a-khaana, who was one of the important Ministers of the Mughal Emperor Akbar has laid down that success would touch the feet of the person with Mars in the 10th house. Abdur-Rahim-Khan-a-khaanaa was himself a very learned and experienced astrologer who authored some 4 or 5 books on astrology, though only one or two are available now.

No doubt it gives success. One condition is that Mars own Rasi (Aries or Scorpio) shouldn’t be in the 10th house. Secondly it gives better or full results if Mars is alone in the 10th house. Presence of other stars with Mars reduces the promised effect of Mars in the 10th house. Third important point is that Saturn, Rahu or Sun or Jupiter shouldn’t be in the 12th house, nor Mars should be in the 12th or 2nd house in the Navamsha-chart of that individual.

Another important factor is relationship of Mars with his house lord. Suppose it is Saturn’s Sign (Rasi) in the 10th house, and Saturn is occupying the 5th, 9th or 7th house or casting its direct aspect from the 4th house, than Saturn would reduce the effectivity of Mars in the 10th house.

Yet another hurdle in the lull effectivity of Mars is Jupiter In the 8th or 6th house. It doesn’t make much difference in the effectivity of Mars being in its Sign of exaltation or Vargottam. No doubt Mars gives better results if it is in Leo and alone in the 10th house. Therefore an astrologer must study these points correctly and carefully so as not to make the individual jump with joy on simply finding Mars in the 10 house.

Subject to the above constraints, it can be said with confidence that Mars gives the best results in matters of career, profession, and gives very good results in matters of business. In so far as results in regard to industrial ventures are concerned, the results depend on other important factor, what items the industry produces. Whether it produces capital goods, or just consumption goods, and what is the placement of Saturn in the Birth-chart and what is the mutual relationship between Saturn and Mars. It has to be kept in mind that Saturn has basic and primary concern with every kind of industrial venture. Mars generally helps in manufacture of electrical and electronic goods of all kind including computers, radios, televisions, and equipment allied to all these items.

It can however be safely predicted that Mars would give very brilliant results and rise to the individuals in matters of service (job) in any and every field, and also in political career of the individual. It gives outstanding success in speculation in Property of any kind, and also in brokerage or middleman’s business property transactions.

Because this position of Mars is extremely helpful in trade or industry related to electricals, electronics, computers, so much so that it helps in matters of service also in any of these trades.

So far in respect of any planet and any house in the horoscope, the effect of ownership of wicked houses, that is 3rd, 6th, 8th, and sometimes the 12th house too has neither been mentioned nor discussed in this book. It is so because experience of over 66 years of the chief author has indicated that ownership of wicked houses doesn’t deserve special and much detailed discussion, because simple ownership of a wicked house does not matter in giving results. Some ancient authors and their blind followers take the 11th house also as a wicked house, but it is not wicked, as other houses also are not, because how can a house of income (which the 11th house is) can be a wicked house!

But in case of Mars in the 10th houses it does matter, because some cases have come to notice where Mars happens to be in Gemini in the 10th house, thus owning the 3rd and the 8th house. This Mars has not been able to show any worth-mentioning results to the individuals in the matter of their service or career as such; no doubt these individuals tried to push up others to front line. No doubt it has been noticed that individuals having Gemini in the 10th house and Mars in the 4th house enjoyed great success in career and in acquiring property by own effort and earnings.
Mars in the 10th in Gemini could not give any political activity also to the individuals because Mercury owns Gemini, which is an enemy of Mars.

What other planetary positions to an extent adversely affect the position of Mars in the 10th house? Combust Moon in 9th house, because of 12th position from Mars in 10th house proved a hurdle for results of Mars in the 10th house. Similarly other stars like Sun, Mercury, Saturn or Rahu in the 9th house also reduce the effectivity of Mars in the 10th house. Normally Mercury in the 9th house, which is house of good fortune, should prove helpful, particularly because Mars and Mercury develop friendly relations at the time of birth being in 2:12 positions from each other.

Therefore, very plainly, one shouldn’t blindly believe that Mars in 10th is an easy ladder of success and of no looking back.

It is the appropriate place to make it clear that some Astrologers in South India take the 9th house as the house ruling ‘father’, while by correct consideration the 10th house rules ‘father’. The 9th house is concerned no doubt with an individual succeeding to the assets, property, possessions, sometimes post of power, trade and industry owned by the father. It can be called direct inheritance. Since these items constitute means of livelihood, the South India’s learned astrological scholars linked it with entire aspect of father. This theory is not quite appealing, going by ancient scriptures as well as our experience of several generations.

The 4th house rules mother and the 7th house from 4th House is naturally the 10th house, which is of the spouse (husband) of mother.

Once it is established beyond reasonable confusion that the 10th house rules father and all matters relating to father, (excluding the element of succession and inheritance), we can go ahead with discussing the relationship between the individual and the father. The questions on basis of the 10th house. But primarily, it must be remembered that an individual is ruled by his own stars, and the influence of starts of other can have implications between 5 to 20 percent only.

In relationship between father and son (natural or adopted), much would depend on other stars in the 10th house and position of 10th lord in the Birth chart vis-a-vis its attitude towards the 10th house. This point is discussed in the following paragraph while discussing position of other stars in the 10th house. Mars alone in the 10th house, whatever the Rasi in the 10th house keeps normally cordial relations between father and the son. It is so irrespective of the fact whether son is in the same profession, vocation, business or industrial ventures started and managed by the father, or whether the son has drifted apart from the father’s main source of earning, and livelihood. It is also immaterial whether son is having a separate residence owing to his work, in the same town or in a different town or state or even in a different country.

In this entire context wherever the term ‘son’ has been used. it may please be taken as including the ‘daughter’ too.

However, if there is lack of cordial relationship between Mars and lord of the 10th house or both have 6:8 positions in the Birth chart, relations would be more formal between father and progeny. However the relations would not be on the border of alienation, boredom, or enmity, unless the spouse of both (father and son) have an upper hand on their husbands and both women have strained relations.

Normally a person with Mars in the 10th house doesn’t suffer lack of love, care, and proper maintenance in the childhood and in adolescence. Similarly the father does get normal help, support and service from the son. In deciding father-son relationship it is always worth the trouble to examine the stars of the wives of both of them. Much would depend on the horoscopes of the son’s mother and wife.

In case of daughters, in present day world, they get such education as can lead them to self-earning capacity and competence, and there is not much trouble within the family during the lifetime of the father. But after that, the relationship among progeny of the father would depend on stars of every individual.

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