Mantras For Healing a Relationship

Mantras For Healing a Relationship

: Mantras For Healing a Relationship :

: Mantras For Healing a Relationship :

Healing a relationship by means of a mantra begins with both parties deciding to treat each other with mutual respect and committing to each other that they will work together to resolve their differences. The odds for success drop considerably if only one party in the relationship is engaged in the effort. If you work earnestly on the relationship but your mate takes a wait-and-see attitude, it’s unlikely that you can work things out. In such a case, it is likely that the wait-and-see person is destined to move on in the near future-or he or she may simply continue whatever behavior is contributing to the problem.

In the beginning, you should sit down together and pledge to each other that you want to try honestly to better your dealings with each other. Then, you should conduct your mantra meditation separately for about ten minutes a day. Generally, each of you will experience insights and mini breakthroughs as you practice the discipline. Meditating separately facilitates the emergence of these insights. Set aside enough time each day to complete each mantra 108 times for forty days. The practice usually takes about ten minutes per day. At a minimum, you will need to practice for three weeks.

Two mantras are given here, one for honoring the feminine energy within each partner and one for honoring the masculine energy within each partner. The practice of mantra helps balance these inner energies of the individuals, enabling them to become harmonious as a couple.

To honor your feminine energy.

Hrim Shrim Klim Parameshwari Swaha


“Salutations to the Supreme Feminine. May that abundant principle which hides the nature of ultimate reality be attracted to me.”

This mantra contains great feminine power in a very simple form.

By saying it as part of a commitment to a relationship, either party will purify his or her feminine energy and begin to accumulate usable clean energy. It is significant that in certain branches of Shaivism, a Hindu sect honoring the masculine consciousness, this feminine-oriented mantra is chanted as the principal spiritual discipline. Some of these mantras were presented in chapter 4, but it’s worthwhile to look at them again here :

Hrim is a seed mantra for dissolving the illusions of our perceived reality. It enables us to behold the world “as it really is.”

Shrim is the seed mantra for the principle of abundance in all forms. Now we are asking for an abundance of positive energy in the relationship, expressed in thoughts, feelings, and actions.

Klim is the seed mantra for attraction. Here we intend it to attract whatever is needed to heal the relationship.

Parameshwari, the Supreme Feminine, is invoked when we seek the abundant feminine spiritual energy of the universe to bless our efforts with success.

Swaha means “I offer,” or “salutations.”

By recognizing the great power of feminine energy and humbly offering gratitude, we sanctify the use of this power for our good intentions and purposes.


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