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Jyotish Pearl for the Moon

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Jyotish Pearl for the Moon :

In Vedic astrology one’s Moon sign is considered of paramount importance. As the Moon represents one’s mind and emotions, this will be more telling of how a person thinks and acts than the Sun sign if considered individually. The Moon rules our peace of mind and general well-being, and so if it is well-placed in the horoscope, it will indicate strength of will, intuition, purpose, and happiness. If not well-placed, there may be great emotional distresses and a lack of inner peace and satisfaction. Afflictions to the Moon can cause depression, and depending on how badly it is afflicted, there may be neurosis, hysteria, or even madness.

Since the Moon also rules over water and thus all bodily fluids, many diseases in the physical body likewise become evident when there is an affliction to the Moon, as mentioned in a previous chapter, The Moon rules over childhood as well, so an afflicted Moon indicates suffering during these tender years. Wearing a pearl will increase the cosmic rays emanated from the Moon, and if suitable, will alleviate problems caused by its affliction. A calming effect on the mind is one of the most notable effects experienced.

When the ascendant is Aries, Mars being the ascendant lord, the Moon rules the 4th house. This is a kendra and therefore an auspicious house, and furthermore the Moon is a friend to Mars. Therefore wearing a pearl can be very beneficial. It will calm emotional disturbances and help in relationships. It will also strengthen affairs dealing with land property, and can help Concentration in educational endeavors.

With Taurus on the ascendant, Venus becomes the lord. In this situation there is an inimical relationship between the ascendant lord and the Moon, so wearing a pearl is generally not recommended. An exception would be if the Moon is in the sign of Cancer in the 3rd house; then during his dashas or bhuktis a pearl may be very helpful.

When Gemini rising gives Mercury lordship of the ascendant, we again have an inimical planetary relationship, and so it is generally not advisable to wear the pearl. If the Moon is in Taurus, however, then it may be helpful during his dasha or bhukti. In some instances when the Moon is in Pisces or Aquarius, one may also benefit from wearing a pearl in the maha-dasha.

When Cancer is ascendant, then the Moon is lord. This makes wearing a pearl most beneficial and auspicious, and it should be worn throughout one’s life. It will promote both good mental and physical health, and more fulfillment in life generally.

Leo ascendants have the Sun as their ruling planet. Although the Sun and Moon are great friends, due to the Moon’s rulership of the 12th house it is usually not advisable to recommend the wearing of a pearl on the body, Shouldthe Moon tenant his own sign of Cancer, then during his dashas or bhuktis there may be benefit in the gem’s usage.

Virgo ascendant is ruled by Mercury, therefore making an inimical relationship between the ascendant lord and the Moon and giving rulership of the 11th house to the Moon. In such a case we only recommend wearing the pearl in the event of a badly afflicted Moon, and then it is most effective during the Moon’s planetary periods.

Libra ascendants are ruled by Venus, and there is an inimical relationship between the lord and the Moon. Due to the fact that the Moon rules the 10th house, a pearl worn by these natives would yield great benefit. It may increase one’s status or reputation and bring increased wealth, and as mentioned earlier, is greatly beneficial during the Moon’s periods.

Scorpio ascendant is ruled by Mars, which is friendly to the Moon. The Moon here rules the house of bhagya, good fortune, the most auspicious of houses. This will increase mental stamina, meditative capability, and peace. It can increase one’sspiritual strength and can generally only bring benefit, unless the Moon is badly aspected and placed in a house of suffering.

With Sagitarius ascendant, Jupiter, the most holy of planets, is lord. Although there is a very auspicious and friendly relationship between Jupiter and the Moon, the Moon in this instance rules the difficult 8th house, and so as a general rule it is not recommended to wear the pearl. It may be possible during the Moon’s planetary periods, or if Moon is posited in his own sign of Cancer in the 8th house.

Capricorn ascendant is ruled by Saturn. Although the Moon rules the 7th house, a kendra, due to its inimical relationship with the ascendant lord, it is generally not a good idea to wear the pearl. If the Moon is in the 7th house, this may allow for wearing a pearl; or again, during the Moon’s dasha or bhuktis.
Aquarius ascendant is also ruled by Saturn, so the same inimical relationship holds true. Here the Moon also rules the 6th house, which is not an auspicious house, so a pearl is not recommended. The only exceptions we make are during the planetary periods ruled by the Moon.

Pisces ascendants are ruled by Jupiter, who, as previously stated, has a very friendly relationship with the Moon. An additional bonus here is that the Moon rules the auspicious 5th house, a trine, making the wearing of a pearl suitable and greatly beneficial. It may help in the areas of education, children, and the entertainment fields, and act to enhance emotional stability. When the Moon is placed in the 1st house wearing a pearl can increase sensitivity as well as clairvoyance. It can help with communications with others and with personal relationships as a result.

If the Moon is placed in the 2nd house a pearl could enhance one’s speaking skills and singing voice. It may also help in financial matters and expand one’s earning capabilities.

For the Moon in the 3rd house wearing a pearl will enhance all forms of communicative endeavors, especially for writers and those in broadcasting on radio or television. It can help to allow better communication within families, thus reducing arguments and disagreement, and make the mind more peaceful.

For a 4th house placement of the Moon a pearl may help to make a person less demanding or less difficult to be around. It increases the use of one’s intellect and the ability to absorb what one has learned. It may also act as a favorable influence for gains in property dealings or transactions involving vehicles.

Wearing a pearl when the Moon is placed in the 5th house will be extremely helpful to teachers, counselors, and financial brokers. It also sharpens the mind and makes educational endeavors smoother for students as well, thus greatly aiding in relationships with children or students.

With a 6th house Moon placement, special care must be taken in recommending the pearl. Such an astrologic& positioning can indicate emotional problems or weakness of general health, so it must be observed how strengthening the Moon’s rays may affect the person. Generally I would advise not wearing it unless there are specifically benefic aspects and the ascendant lord is a great friend.

When the Moon is in the 7th house there are as many possible cons as pros. On the one hand it may help with business relationships, personal relationships, or general business transactions with the public at large. On the other hand it can increase less desirable emotional traits such as jealousy or vindictiveness. Extremely emotional people who already have a difficult time with relationships may make things worse by wearing the pearl.

An 8th house Moon often indicates an already weak mental state for Sagittarius ascendants, though to a somewhat lesser degree if the sign is Cancer. Wearing a pearl here can potentially make a person disassociate from the world and move even further into unhealthy emotional states. Therefore great care should be taken in recommending the pearl here, as I have found it detrimental to do so in most cases.

With the Moon in the 9th house a pearl is generally auspicious. It will increase creativity and compassion for others, and has the effect of increasing one’s spiritual nature.

When the Moon is in the 10th house wearing a pearl can be very beneficial as well. It can sharpen one’s acumen for business and may impel one toward activities that benefit other people.

An 11th house Moon is definitely suitable for wearing the pearl unless the ascendant lord is an enemy. It brings more influence, monetary gains, sensual pleasures, and general gains in many areas of life. With the Moon in the 12th house extra care must be exercised in recommendation of the pearl. It can make the mind more uncontrollable if the Moon is badly aspected or if the ascendant is ruled by an enemy. It can also increase hallucinations in those so afflicted. In some instances it may increase spiritual resolve and renunciation of worldly activity, which for some persons may be desirable.

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