How The Astrological Remedies Work

How The Astrological

The planets are not just physical masses of matter floating on the space. They are tremendously powerful astral energies or psychic forces which affect us in our astral body, the subtle energy and psychic field surrounding and interpenetrating our physical body.

The planetary energies create a pattern, a shape and a combinations of colours in our astral body, which irradiates and attracts a similar energy towards it.

The different planets contribute to the colour of the aura and that colour and vibratory wavelength is related with our thoughts, feelings, health, and the situations we attract to our life.

The Upayes work by managing or changing those astral influences in our own astral body, strengthening or diminishing certain colours, frequencies or wavelengths like creating a kind of protective shield.


There are several types of Upayes or remedies:

Some of them are:

  • Yagyas and Poojas
  • Use of Gemstones
  • Donations


1.Yagyas and Poojas

Yagyas and Poojas are traditional forms of Vedic worship to specific Deities or planets.

This method of astrological remedy is emphasized on the classical Jyotish scriptures.

God is the ultimate controller of the planets and dispenser of karma, and everything is possible under his/her grace. There is a very advance knowledge in the Vedic tradition about how to invoke a specific Deity or one of the manifestations or powers of God through the proper ritual and mantras.

By this act, the Deity representing the planet is invoked, invited to come and is served by offerings of a special seat, foods, flowers, clothing, water, milk, ornaments, jewels, light, fire, incense, and other sacred objects. There are specific powerful mantras in the form of Vedic hymns for invoking those energies.

The sincerity of the worshipper in wanting to purify his mind and ego is very important.

The Pooja is a simpler and intention can ritual that any person with a little training and sincere intentions can do, whereas the Yagyas are more sophisticated and elaborate rituals which should be conducted by a traditional Vedic priest who does the offerings and rituals in the name of the worshipper.


2.Gem Stones

As many diseases are caused through our body or mind’s imbalances, Gemstone can be of enormous benefit to health. In gem therapy, spherical gemstones/ crystals assist in breaking up patterns in the physical and non-physical (emotional and mental) bodies, thereby getting to the cause of disease, thus healing mind, body and spirit.

Each gemstone has it’s own unique rhythm, character, chemical and mineral content and therefore has it’s own magnetism.

The rate at which a gemstone’s energy fills an aura is cyclic. Each cycle begins when gemstone energy pours into a layer of aura. This flooding continues until the aura’s corresponding body responds to the effects of the energy and this response creates a reshuffling of balancing energy bringing about a change for the better.

Gemstones for Health, Wealth and Prosperity

Gems radiated and effected by planets and stars in our solar systems are used in close connection to each planet’s content and habits. Naturally, being direct conductors of cosmic energy, they work as a receiver and transmit their energies directly into our body.

Borne out of perfect forms in geometric shapes with perfect atomic alignment, gem’s unique crystal structure flows unencumbered with their own regulated frequency waves that harmonises and strengthens the potentised beneficial radiations that weak or afflicted benefic planets lack.

The Puranas also explains that everything is composed and effected by rays that create, maintain and destroy. And so to the ancient Rishis who comprehended man’s true nature, gross or subtle in relation to the universe, gems are the gifts of the mineral kingdom with their own transmittable consciousness, imbued when in contact with our skin.

And thus was formed the perfect matrices between the earth, planets and mankind, perfectly synthesized to advance us their positive influences through their effulgent rays.

All jyotish Classics do tell us that Gemstones are rules by the Moon. The gemstones for the planets are:

Sun Ruby
Moon Pearl
Mars Red Coral
Mercury Emerald
Jupiter Yellow Sapphire
Venus Diamond
Saturn Blue Sapphire
Rahu Hessonite
Ketu Catseye



When a planet creates an affliction on the chart, one way to counteract it is by offerings or donations of items related to the planet, to a person related to the planet on the day of the week ruled by that planet.

There are many factors to be considered in each individual chart for that, but just to give a couple of examples:

For Saturn: Donate food, money or new black clothes or black mustard seeds to the poor, sick or handicapped people.

For Jupiter: Donate money and do personal service to the Guru or a spiritual teacher, a priest, monk or a spiritual or religious organization. Do it every Thursday.

Finally, only Devotion and total surrender to God, removal of the ignorance of Ego and realization of the Self as Atman can be the real remedy for any karmic suffering.


Vedic Remedies:-


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