Healing With Vibrational Energy Of Gems

Healing With Vibrational Energy Of Gems

Healing With Vibrational Energy Of Gems


Healing With Vibrational Energy Of Gems 

It is the energy-force of the cosmos which sustains all living organisms. The Chinese call it chi and the Indians prana. This life- force energizes our bodies throughout life until it departs at the time of death, leaving the gross material body to decay and return to the elements from which it arose. We are given a certain amount of energy to use in life, which the Vedic scriptures of ancient India say is calculated in the number of breaths we are allotted during the incarnation. If this energy is used more quickly, then the body’s life-span will be shorter. If this energy is conserved, especially through systems such as ashtanga-yoga, then the life-span may be extended. Like the Chinese forms of medicine such as herbology, accupuncture, etc. the Ayurvedic system of healing first evaluates the intake and distribution of prana within both the physical and subtle bodies of an individual.

Gem therapy has been used by many ancient cultures, and gemstones worn on the body were considered especially significant for reasons other than their purely cosmetic or ornamental value. The science of Ayurveda combined with Vedic astrology provides one with a wealth of knowledge and experience in the correct application of gemstones to amplify planetary rays, which have a dynamic effect on the physical and emotional health, wealth, and well-being of individuals here on Earth.

To promote healing within the body cells, organs and glands that are overstressed must have their present vibrational frequency reduced, and when they are too slow-moving, the vibrational frequency needs to be increased. The brain’s activity which can be read with biofeedback equipment, will show the state of health via the brainwaves’ vibrations. In severe anxiety ridden states of mind such as panic attacks, the brain’s frequency will be a high beta state above 25 MHz or cycles per second. Muscles will be stiff and the adrenal glands will be ‘on overload’ Often the eyes are seen as excessively dilated, and shaking or tremors may occur. To counteract this, the brain’s vibrational frequency must be reduced toward an alpha state, which is 8.5 MHz. The symptoms of stress and anxiety wait then automatically dissipate as endorphins are released into the blood system. The action of daily meditation performed by the body/mind complex seems to promote both its own relaxation as well as the focusing of Consciousness upon itself rather than on incessant reactions to stimuli in the dreamlike environment.

There are five basic rhythms or frequencies of the brain. As aforementioned, high beta (above 25 MHz) causes extreme anxiety and stress. Beta is the state of stimulation which is required for paying attention to our work, responsibilities, and daily affairs of life. This frequency vibrates at 14-30 MHz or cycles per second. The alpha state of brainwave vibration utilized in meditation is between 7.8 and 14 MHz. The theta state of brain activity, which can be seen in a hypnotic state, meditative trance, or in dreaming, vibrates between 3.2 to 7.8 Hz. The delta state of brain vibration is that of deep sleep, where there is absolutely no awareness of the external environment, and its rate is between 0.1 and 3.2 Hz.

Inducing different vibratory rates in the brain induces healing within the body. For reducing or avoiding great physical pain, the delta state is used, such as is brought about by anesthesia in major surgery on the body. The theta or dreaming state can be induced to calm a person who is suffering from trauma of one sort or another.

The alpha state allows one to regain equilibrium after great anxiety-attacks, as previously mentioned, and having a regular beta wavelength is essential for ‘making any headway’ toward achieving success in this world.

As gems have specific vibratory qualities, we may utilize them not only for influencing the brain, but also for effecting the higher vibrations in the physical body necessary for the healthy functioning of all internal and external organs. Dr. Young and Bruce Taino of Cheny University in Washington have made the following statements from their research in this regard: “The average frequency of the human body during the daytime is between 62 and 68 cycles per second. If it drops below this rate, the immune/ defense system will start to shut down. Cold Symptoms appear at 58 cycles, flu at 57, candida at 55 cycles, glandular fever at 52 cycles, and cancer at 42 cycles each second.”

Natural, untreated gemstones which are repositories of cosmic colors can restore the pranic energy to the cells of the body so that their natural vibratory rate may be regained, and normal health may be regained when the body is in a diseased condition. Blue Sapphire can tranquilize or have a sedative effect; Emerald can be used as an analgesic; Yellow-Sapphire has antiseptic properties; and White Sapphire may be used as a stimulant—these are just a few examples of how gems can effect the healing process in the body.

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