Five-Faced Rudraksha is believed to be more auspicious and is ascribed to KALINGAN means PANCH BRAHMA,  Ganesha, Shiva, Shakati, Vishnu and Sun Gods ) and the use of the same leads to the blessing of Lord Shiva in all walks of life. It is penta faced. It is also known by the name Kal Agni. It bestows on the sadhaka popularity, comforts, peace of mind and fame. It wipes away the sins of adultery and gluttony.

It is good against Jupiter afflictioins. It gives vital power, wealth, knowledge, fortune and happiness. To control the blood pressure one should keep the five faced Rudraksh in water in a glad vassel of  bronze through out the night and drink it on getting up in the morning. It indicates Moksha and fulfillment of desires and keeps the wearer away from diseases. To remove the consti pation,one  should place one bead on the umbilicus and should count up to 108 and then again count 108 in reverse manner for 21 days and keep the bead in a mandir. It is known as “ Sarv Kalyankari and Mangal Data” Rudraksh.


Rudraksh is worn as it it auspicious and is a result giver Rudraksh. It bestows on the wearer comforts and peace of mind. It is commonly available. Its ruling planet is Rahu therefore, helpful in reducing the malefic effects of Rahu, which are similar to that of Saturn. As per many scholars the ruling planet of this Rudraksh is Jupiter, hence controls the malefic effects of Jupiter.

Mantra For Wearing:

Om Hraam Aam Kshamyoun Sivaha

Viniyogah :

Asya Shree mantrasya Brahma rishih, Gayatri chhandah, Sadashiva Kalagni rudro devata, Om Beejamm, Swaha shaktih, abhhesht siddhayarthe jape viniyogah.

After performing Adi Nayas, Kar Nayasa and Hirdeye Nayas, wear the Rudraksha as per above directions. The sadhaka should recite the mantra during the day or in the morning.

Diseases it cures  :

Five Faced Rudraksha is governed by Jupiter and cures diseases of liver, fistula, acidity,  blood pressure, breast ailments, problems of thighs, vertebral column and for memory, mental disability, heart problems, stress, anger management, diabetics, piles, neurotic and maladjustment problems.

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