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First Manifestation of Goddess Durga-Maa Shailputri

Worship  Maa Shailputri on the 1st day of Navaratri :-

First Among Nava Durgas- The first form of Maa Durga known as “Shailputri”. Goddess Durga was born in the house of King of Mountains “Parvat Raj Himalaya”, so she is called “Shailputri” means the daughter of mountain.

Maa Shailputri, Story, Mantra :-

Maa Shailputri is the absolute from of Mother Nature. She is also known as Goddess Parvati the consort of Lord Shiva & mother of Ganesha and Kartikeya. In the Navratra festival the worshiping Mother Goddess has a half moon in her forehead & she is holding a trident in her right hand & lotus flower in her left hand. she rides on mount Nandi a bull. In some scriptures like Shivapurana & Devi Bhagvatam the story of Mother Goddess is written as follows: Maa Bhagwati in her earlier birth was born as a daughter of Daksh Prajapati. Then her name was ‘Sati and she was married to Lord Shiva. But in a sacrificial ceremony organized by her father Prajapati Daksh, she got her body burnt in the yogic fire, because she could not bear the insult of her husband Lord Shiva by her father Prajapati Daksha in the sacrificial ceremony.
In her next incarnate as Goddess Parvati, the daughter of Parvatraj Himalaya and among Nava Durgas she has been referred to as Sailaputri who was again known as Himavati. In her Haimavati aspect she defeated all prominent gods. Like her previous birth in this life also MaaShailaputri (Parvati) got married with Lord Shiva. The first and the most prominent among Nava Durgas, Shailaputri is of immense importance and her glories are endless. On the first day of Navratra worship it is she who is worshiped. She is the Devi of the root chakra, who, upon awakening, begins Her journey upwards. Sitting on Nandi, and making her first journey from the Muladara0chakra. As from her father to her husband — the awakening Shakti, beginning Her search for Lord Shiva or making a move towards her Shiva. So that, In navrati pooja the first day Yogi’s keep their mind concentrated on Muladhara. This is the starting point of their spiritual discipline. They started their Yogasadha from here. Shaila Putri is the Mooladhara Shakti to be realized within Self and sought for higher depths, in the yogic meditation.

The nav durgas have an association with the navagrahas and therefore the navratnas amply figure in this cosmic configuration. The first day of Navratra is associated with the first planet of the Navgarahas i.e. Sun and on this day one should pray to Maa shailaputri to seek the blessings of planet Sun. The color associated with goddess Shailputri is red and the energies are focussed on harmonising the mooladhar chakra . One who is facing troubles in their life (Carrier wise) or is having poor health, digestion and confidence levels due to negative position of Sun (Surya) in the horoscope must keep a fast on this day and should pray to Maa Shailaputri. Ruby is a gem that is associated with the planet Sun and the mooladhar or root chakra. This intense gem ruby can be worn by individuals with Simha lagna or Leo ascendant in their natal chart. Leo is a sign ruled by Sun . One can wear a Natural Jyotish Quality Ruby (Manik) 
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on this day if the Sun is positive in his/her horoscope but is falling weak due to un-favorable placements.

Mantra to chant :-
Om aim hring kleem chamundayi vichche. For the significance of ‘kleem’— Navratri commences with the first night devoted to the puja of Shailputri devi. ‘Shair means mountain and refers to Parvati, wife of Lord Shiva, the daughter of king of the mountains Himavan. Shailputri holds in her two hands a trident and a lotus. She is mounted upon a bull. Special benediction-as all the shradh souls leave the planet this night the energies specially work on the temple (memory) chakras of all in the planet. This is a major healing of past karma and removing blocks, bestowing lilac light healing trauma emotions and thoughts. We see white seven-pointed stars of light in the sky falling on the shoulders reducing burdens, activating also the navel chakra to create new activities of business, work, healing, our purpose of life and also paying attention to our interaction with others. The stars also accumulate mostly in water and liquids. Take pure water, coconut water, juices, and also serve this to others to, receive added benefit.

Chant this mantra to worship Goddess Shailputri…

॥ Om Devi Shailaputryai Namah॥

Tithi – Shashthi Ritual – Pratipada

Tritiya Goddess Worshipped – Shailputri

Offerings to the Goddess – Ghee

Color to be Worn on the Day – Gray

Gems – Ruby (Manik) Maa Shailputri Maha Puja

First Day of Navratri : 09 अप्रैल 2024, ( मंगलवार Tuesday)


माँ दुर्गा अपने प्रथम में शैलपुत्री के रूप में जानी जाती हैं !

पर्वतराज हिमालय के घर जन्म लेने के करण इन्हें शैलपुत्री कहां गया !

भगवती का वाहन बैल है इनके दाहिने हाथ में त्रिशूल और
बाएं हाथ में कमल का पुष्प है !

अपने पुर्व जन्म में ये सती नाम से प्रजापति दक्ष की पुत्री थी

इनका विवाह भगवान शंकर से हुआ था

पूर्वजन्म की भांति इस जन्म में भी यह भगवान शंकर की अर्द्धांगिनी बनीं !

नव दुर्गाओं में शैलपुत्री दुर्गा का महत्व और शक्तियाँ अनन्त हैं !

नवरात्रे पूजन में प्रथम दिवस इन्हीं की पूजा वा उपासना की जाती हैं !


वंदे वांच्छितलाभायाचंद्रार्धकृतशेखराम् !

वृषारूढांशूलधारांशैलपुत्रीयशासिवनीम् !!

पूणेंदुनिभांगौरी मूलाधार स्थितांप्रथम दुर्गा त्रिनेत्रा !

पटांबरपारिधानांरत्नकिरीटांनानालंकारभूषिता !!

प्रफुल्ल वद्नांपल्लवाधरांकांतकपोलांतुंग कुचाम् !

कमनीयांलावण्यांस्मेरमुखीक्षीणमध्य्यांनितंबनीम् !!


प्रथम दुर्गा त्वहिभवसागर तारणीम् !

धन ऐश्र्वर्य दायिनी शैलपुत्रीप्रणमाभ्यहम् !!

त्रिलोकजननींत्वंहिपरमानंद प्रदीयनाम् !

सौभाग्यारोग्यदायनीशैलपुत्रीप्रणमाभ्यहम् !!

चराचरेश्र्वरीत्वांहिमहामोह विनाशिन !

भुक्ति, मुक्ति दायनी, शैलपुत्रीप्रणमाभ्यहम् !!

चराचरेश्र्वरीत्वांहिमहामोह विनाशिन !

भुक्ति, मुक्ति दायिनी, शैलपुत्रीप्रणमाभ्यहम् !!


ओमकार में शिर पातुमूलाधार निवासिनी !

हींकार, पातुललाटेबीजरूपामहेश्र्वरी !!

श्रीकार पातुवदनेलज्जारूपामहेश्र्वरी !

हूंकार पातुह्र्दयेतारिणी शक्ति स्वघृत !!

फट्कार पातुसर्वागेसर्व सिद्धि फलप्रदा !

मां दुर्गा का द्धितीय स्वरूप ब्रह्राचारिणी !

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