which gemstone on which finger

Which Finger?……Which Gemstone ?

Which Finger?……Which Gemstone ?

 The appropriate finger in which these auspicious Jyotish (Planetary) gems should be worn is very important for their astrological effectiveness, as it is mentioned in the Ancient Sacred Vedic Gems healing texts that the veins of different fingers (Through which these gems’s planetary energies travel) are connected to different chakras (Energy centre glands) of our body. And every specific planetary energy is absorbed by each specific chakra of our body. So, to benefit maximum from these gemstone’s mystic planetary powers their finger in which it should be worn is very important. Below you can see…… Which Gemstone is for which Finger.
Which Finger?......Which Gemstone ?


Note – The gemstones should be 100% Natural, Astrologically Approved, without any Negative inclusions (As mentioned in the Sacred Gems healing texts), Purified and Energized by concerned Vedic planetary mantras for best results www.purevedicgems.in and should only be worn after consulting your horoscope with a genuine and learned Vedic astrologer. www.purevedicgems.com/astrologer


Why wearing gems in rings are better than pendent:-

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