Blog- Dasha System in Astrology

Blog- Dasha System in Astrology

Dasha System

Dasha System


Dasha system of a chart depends on the position of the Moon at epoch. Nakshatra transited by the moon at epoch, decides the period of Mahadasha of the Lord of Nakshatra, balance of the period  of Mahadasha depends on the remaining arc of the Nakshatra to be traversed by the Moon. Therefore, the location of the Moon at the arc of Nakshatra decides which Mahadasha, Antardasha and further subdivisions thereof were operative at that time.

Hindu astrology prescribes that the date should be synchronized with the position of the Sun at the time of birth.

A Month is equal to a sign and a day equals a degree of the Sun. If you do not want to be very meticulous in calculating the exact day and date of the ending period, Gregorian Calendar gives satisfactory results within the difference of one day. However, the month should be taken as 30 days irrespective of the actual days of the month.

Here is an informational video on Dashas and Antardashas of the Planets:-


Antardashas are the sub-periods of Mahadashas. In the Vimsottari system, the first period of Antardasha pertains to the planet of Mahadasha and the remaining periods follow the sequence of the planets in vimsottari system. The Simplest method of working out the Antardasha is to multiply the period of the planet of Mahadasha with the period of Mahadasha of the Antardasha planet and dividing the result by 10.


The periods of Pratyantardasha in Antardasha can be worked out by the following formula:

Pratyantardasha period of a planet = Period of Antardasha X period of Mahadasha of the planet of Pratyantardasha/120.

If, we want to go further into Suksham and other sub-divisions of Dashas, the above formula may be utilized by simply substituting the period of Antardasha by the period of Pratyantardasha.

It is advisable that the fractions of a day in the Dasha period should be indicated in decimal fractions of the day and not in hours and day unless some judgement requires so. This would save considerable time, labour, and confusion.


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