Astrologically Effective Rosaries/Malas

Astrologically Effective Rosaries

Always go for Astrologically Effective Rosaries

Hakik Mala



Used for protection, courage and success, this is a black stone, which is powerful in many ways. It attracts good fortune, increases clarity, promotes goodwill, helps in overcoming flaws and fears, encourages fertility and helps in overcoming flaws and fears, encourages fertility and helps in reproduction, and is very helpful in menopause and other gynaecological problems. It saves the wearer from black magic, evil eye and tantric attacks.

Rudraksha Mala


Rudraksha means “Rudra-aksha”, or the “Eye of Shiva” in sanskrit. Also known as “Tears of the Lord”, the Rudraksha Mala has been worn by the Yogis (those who practice, or have mastered Yoga) of India and Himalayas for thousands of years for living a fearless life on their path to attaining enlightenment and salvation. The Rudraksha Mala is very good for meditation and protection. Chanting mantras with a Rudraksha Mala is extremely beneficial. Shiva’s mantras become even more powerful when chanted on the consecrated Rudraksha Mala.

Tulsi Mala


Tulsi is the most sacred of all plants in Hindu tradition. For Hindus, the tulsi is synonymous with goddess Lakshmi. It is believed that tulsi has medicinal values and empowers and purifies the place where it is kept. The Tulsi Mala cures high fever, diseases of the mind and some stomach ailments. It increases devotion and kindness in the devotee.

Almost all kinds of puja can be performed by the Tulsi Mala.

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