Astrologically Effective Red Coral

Astrologically Effective Red Coral

Astrologically Effective Red Coral

Astrologically Effective Red Coral


Coral is made up of the skeleton remains of marine animals called Coral Polyps. These tiny creatures live in colonies which form branching structures as they grow, eventually forming coral reefs and atolls. The surface of these coral “branches” has a distinctive patterning made by the original skeleton – either striped or like wood grain. Most corals like red, pink, white, and blue varieties – are made of calcium carbonate; black and golden corals are made up of a horn-like substance called conchiolin. Red coral is the most valuable, and has been used in jewellery and Astrology for thousands of years. Dull at first, all coral has a vitreos lustre when polished, but is sensitive to heat and acids and may fade with wear. Coral may be imitated by porcelain, stained bone, glass, plastic, or rubber and gypsum mixtures.

Red Coral Carving is also done to show different type of animals and plants.


Most precious coral is found in warm waters. Japanese coral is red, pink, or white. Red and Pink Coral is also found on the mediterranean and African coasts, the Red Sea, and the waters off malaysia and Japan. Black and golden coral is found off the coasts of the West Indies, Australia, and the pacific islands.


Coral has been associated with the protection of children, and parents may still give a gift of coral to their young children.

Red Coral Gemstones is widely used to appease planet mars and it represents the planet Mars & people with positive Mars position in weak houses should wear Red Coral Gems for enhancing planet Mangal benefic blessings.

People involved in businesses like Restaurants, Jewellery and Hotel must wear a Natural Red Coral Gemstone.

The Genuine Jyotish Red Coral gems are known to give good health and self confidence.

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