Analysis of Horoscope

Analysis of Horoscope

Analysis of Horoscope

Analysis of the houses and planets is necessary to make accurate predictions from the horoscope. Hindu sages held unanimous views that astrology is incapable of making any reading of horoscope without house and their analysis.

Vimsottari system of prashara is more astounding. It has found a place in many oriental books. Vimsottari system divides the zodiac into 3167 segments, which are identically governed by the lords of Nakshatras and their subdivisions, Antaras, Pratyantaras, Sukshama, and Prana. If, we correlate the division with Rashis, the zodiac will be divided into 3 sets of 83 segments of Antaras. Therefore, the zodiac is divided into 249 subdivisions. This is done to synchronise with the signs because ending arc of a planet, in a sign, may not be fully accommodated. Therefore, the arc is split into two parts in such cases.

Vimsottari system is primarily based on Nakshatras vision of zodiac. As we already know, there is a cycle of 9 planets- every planet ruling in arc 13°:20´ of the zodiac.

Similarly, a Nakshatra is divided into 9 intervals, which are governed by the planets in the cyclic order beginning with the lord of Nakshatras, as is the order in Mahadasha and Antardashas. However, the part of the arc of zodiac that covers two signs, i.e., end of the part of the sign and the beginning of the following sign, is split into two parts.The first part governs the end part of the sign and the second part falls at the beginning of the next sign. This is the reason that 27 Nakshatras, divided into Vimsottari arcs of subdivisions have 249 portions instead of 243.

It should be noted from the above table that a part of the arc of zodiac is ruled by the sign lord, Nakshatras lord, and Antara lord. Sign lords decide which house or houses they have to own as lord of the house or houses. The simple principle in deciding the lordship of a house is the value of the sign and degrees of the house. The planet that owns the sign of the house becomes the lord of the house.

Similarly, the value of the house is also governed by the Nakshatra lord as per degrees and minutes of the value of the house. The Nakshatras lord, except Rahu and Ketu, is also the lord of one or two houses.

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