Amethyst-The best substitute gemstone for Blue Sapphire

Amethyst-The best substitute gemstone for Blue Sapphire

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Pure Amthyst


Pure Amthyst

Amethyst-The best substitute gemstone for Blue Sapphire –

Amethyst, also known as kataila or jamunia in hindi, (because of its purple color like that of jamun or jambufruit) is the most favorite substitute gem of the blue Sapphire (Neelam) for most of the astrologers. It is the semi-precious Gemstone used in astrology for strengthening the positive powers of planet Saturn in one’s life. It is mostly prescribed during the phase (Major period and subperiod) of Saturn. 

It can be used by people who want to see the effects of strengthening the planet Saturn in one’s life but do not want to try the Blue Sapphire straight away (because of its extreme nature). One’s the amethyst give them positive results they can go for the blue sapphire then.

Amethyst provides good understanding, enhances the faculty of judgement, helps one to maintain good temper, avoid errors, and achieve self discipline, good fortune and high standards in life. It helps one to gain stability of mind and removes anger and anxiety by transmitting light waves and absorbing excessive body heat.

Why and How to wear Blue Sapphire Gemstone ?:-

One should wear Astrological planetary gemstones only after consulting a learned Vedic Astrologer………

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