The seven Chakras, Rays, and Stones

The seven Chakras, Rays, and Stones

The seven Chakras, Rays, and Stones.

First Chakras (Base of Spine)

All red stones: Ruby, Red Coral,

Red is the symbol of life, strength, vitality, and physical nature. Experiments have shown that plants are grown under red glass shoot up four times more quickly than in ordinary sunlight. Slower growth occurs under green and blue glass. Red obviously stimulates vitality, whereas blue and green will slow it down.

In nature, the color red is associated with heat, fire, anger, just as we ‘turn red’ when we are in a state of passion or anger. Red is the color of fire. The red of terrestrial fire is transmuted into golden yellow (of pure spirit) as it rises. Red is the color of primitive types. Rose-red, however, is the color of universal harmony.

Red is an excellent color for healing all blood deficiency diseases (such as an anemic). It should be used when there is emaciation, when hands and face assume a blue tinge in cold weather, in deficient nutrition, depression, or lethargy. It has a healing and stimulating vibration.

Second Chakra (Spleen)

All oranges stones:  Fire opal

Orange is the symbol of energy. It is composed of red and yellow. Red symbolizes personality and yellow symbolizes wisdom. Therefore, through an integration of these two, we can overcome anger and establish self-control.

For healing, orange is essential for health and vitality. It is warm, positive, and stimulating, influencing primarily the vital problem of assimilation and circulation. It regulates the intake of food.

Third chakra (solar Plexus)

All yellow and golden stones: topaz, citrine

Yellow is the symbol of mind, intellect, high intelligence, wisdom, the mental plane. It is a positive, magnetic vibration that has a tonic effect on the nerves.

Because the solar plexus is the organizing brain of the nervous system, it is our ‘sun’ or power center and needs to stay in perfect equilibrium. Yellow, therefore, is the great equalizer for irritable conditions of the nervous system which unbalance the energy of the solar plexus.

For healing, yellow carries the power to cure diabetes and constipation. If someone is unusually lean or haggard, they probably draw in too much of the red ray, and yellow will help neutralize this condition in the system. For those who are too fat or phlegmatic, the blue-ray has probably been overemphasized, and the yellow-ray will help neutralize this as well.

Fourth chakra (Heart centre)

All green stones: emerald, Peridot

Green is the symbol of harmony, sympathy, creativity, health, and abundance in general. Green is the merging of yellow (soul) and blue (spirit).

It appears in the spectrum at the point of color balance, between the first three rays (which are concerned with the physical aspect) and the last three rays which relate to the spiritual aspect). Green reaches outward horizontally, blue reaches upward vertically. Together they form the cross- the symbol of life. Green is radiated everywhere in nature, restores tired nerves, and gives new energy.

In healing, green has a balancing vibration that is important to the nervous system. It doesn’t excite, inflame, or irritate. Because of its strong influence on the heart chakra, which is the center of the blood supply, green is a great aid to any heart problem or blood pressure. It can be used to restore tired nerves and will help anyone who needs energy.

Although green is used primarily to create a more healthy vibration, some readers may also wish to work on the heart chakra with pink stones, as pink symbolizes softness, affection, and love.

Fifth Chakra (Throat Centre)

All blue stones: Sapphire, lapis lazuli, blue topaz, aquamarine, turquoise

Blue is the symbol of inspiration, devotion, infinity, and religious aspirations. It lifts, exalts, and inspires one towards greater heights of endeavor and attainment. It produces calm, peaceful radiation, which has sleep-inducing qualities.

The throat chakra is the focusing point of the spoken word. It is by means of this center that the indwelling spirit in each of us establishes communication with the outer world. The throat chakra is involved in expressing feelings.

For healing, the blue-ray carries great curative power in regard to any disease or blockage in the throat. Because blue is associated with a lack of warmth, it is to be used when inflammation is present, or when any internal bleeding or nervous condition exists. It is cooling, sedative, astringent, and healing. The deep dark blues indicate a power of tremendous intensity while the light blue (or azures) indicates high ethical inspiration.

Sixth Chakra (Third eye of pituitary Gland)

All indigo stones:

The indigo rays are the symbol of the mystical borderland- spiritual attainment, self-mastery, and wisdom. This ray aids in the opening of the third eye (inner and outer vision), and it opens the doors to the subconscious. It can restore long-buried soul memories. Indigo symbolizes the bridge between finite and infinite. It expels the negative elements. It assists and guides our inner journey to cosmic knowledge.

For healing, it is of great value in the treatment of any mental disorder. It has also been used to help develop the third eye so that scientific and philosophic research can be done.

Seventh Chakra (Crown or Pineal Gland)

All violet stones: amethyst quartz,

Violet is the ray of spiritual mastery. It is the highest and most subtle specialization of light and corresponds with the highest elements in our nature. It stands at the crown of the spectrum in contrast to the red. This highest vibration is a blend of red (matter) and blue (spirit), and the process of transformation can be painful. When working with the stones, keep in mind that the darker tones are associated with sorrow; deep purple signifies high spiritual attainment; pale lilac indicates cosmic consciousness and a love for humanity; bluish purple stands for transcendent idealism.

For healing, this stone is an aid for insomnia, or for any ailment that relates to mental disorders.

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