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Jyotish White Sapphire for Venus

White Sapphire for Venus. Venus is the planet governing love, romance, beauty, and sensuality. Being a great benefic, it is responsible for determinations of material wealth and prosperity, and most especially marriage or relationships. Luxuries of homes and vehicles fall under the rulership of Venus, and all types of artists ranging from painters, musicians, and actors to persons in the scientific and medical fields are connected to Venus as well. Those persons who have businesses dealing in art, gems, or sensual products must undoubtedly have a strong Venus in their natal chart in order to achieve any substantial success.

With Venus showing strength, one has great charisma and a loving influence upon others. There is a considerate nature toward others as well as great attraction for the beautiful things in life. Wealth and an abundance of personal effects are gained by those who have a well-situated Venus at birth.

Should Venus be weak or afflicted at birth, it usually portends relationship and/or marriage difficulties. Feelings are hard to put into words or to express to others, and one may not feel much affection for others either. General insensitivity or coarse behavior may also be present depending on the severity of the affliction to this planet. Physically many health problems may ensue, and there are often concerns regarding infertility. White Sapphire is the gem recommended to strengthen the benefic cosmic rays of Venus.

When Aries is the ascendant, Mars is the ascendant ruler. Although Venus here rules the 2nd and 7th houses, due to an inimical relationship between these two planets, it is generally not recommended that one wear a White Sapphire. It may be possible only during the dasha or bhuktis of Venus, and even then we rarely prescribe it.

For Taurus ascendants Venus is the lord, owning also the 6th house. Wearing a White Sapphire is auspicious and may increase gains in wealth and prosperity of many kinds. It may also be favorable for one’s health, but as the White Sapphire will increase one’s sensual desires as well, some extra caution is necessary to avoid overindulgence.

With Gemini on the ascendant Mercury becomes the ruling planet. There is a friendly relationship between Venus and Mercury, and a White Sapphire may be suitable. Venus rules both the auspicious 5th house as well as the 12th, so the gem may help in family affairs especially in bearing children—and also increase one’s financial prosperity.

For Cancer ascendants the Moon is the ruler. There is an inimical relationship between these two planets, so although Venus rules both the 4th and 11th houses, we usually will not recommend the use of a White Sapphire. The exception may be during the planetary periods of Venus.

Leo ascendants are ruled by the Sun, whereupon Venus rules the 3rd and 10th houses. Again we have an inimical planetary relationship, so we do not recommend wearing a White Sapphire except possibly during the dasha or bhuktis of Venus,

For Virgo ascendants Mercury is the lord, and a favorable relationship with Venus prevails here. Venus rules the 2nd and 9th houses, so wearing a White Sapphire may increase gains in wealth, career, and social standing.

With Libra ascendant Venus is the ascendant lord as well as lord of the 8th house. Depending on the position of Venus it may or may not be advisable to wear a White Sapphire. If it is in a good position, then there may be an increase in material wealth or success in one’s career and business. If not, it may bring further trouble due to its having lordship of the inauspicious 8th house.

For Scorpio ascendants Mars is the planet Which rules, and its relationship with Venus is as an enemy. Here Venus rules both the 7th and 12th houses, and thus a White Sapphire recommended for this ascendant as it can create stress and unhappiness, especially in relationships. I have never yet recommended a White Sapphire to a Scorpio ascendant in all my many years of work in this field.

When Sagittarius is the ascendant Jupiter is the ruler. There is likewise an inimical relationship with this lord for Venus, who also rules the 6th and 11th houses. Only if Venus creates an amala yoga or a malavya yoga can a White Sapphire be worn during the Planetary periods of Venus.

For Capricorn ascendants Saturn is the ruler and has a friendly relationship with Venus. Venus also creates a raja yoga for this ascendant, owning the auspicious 5th and 10th houses together. A White Sapphire may be recommended here and will increase one’s Prosperity in wealth, career, influence, and matters pertaining to family.

When Aquarius is ascendant Saturn is again the ascendant lord, so the friendly relationship ‘continues.’ Once more Venus will create a raja yoga by its rulership of both the 4th and 9th houses, and as with Capricorn ascendants, wearing a White Sapphire may bring boons in all of the same categories of life.

For Pisces ascendants Jupiter is the ascendant lord and has an inimical relationship with Venus. Here Venus rules a very inauspicious combination of houses, the 3rd and the 8th. White Sapphire should never be worn by those born under this ascendant.

With Venus tenanting the 1st house wearing a White Sapphire may increase artistic inclinations or musical ability. It is helpful for teachers or those in positions of prominence or influence. It may bring more wealth and sensual opportunities, but can also subsequently impel one toward overindulgence which can lead to weight gain or loss of strength in one’s immune system.

With Venus in the 2nd house a White Sapphire may help in ones speaking ability, earning potential, or sexual opportunities. For those who speak to large groups of people it may be especially empowering.

When Venus is in the 3rd house a White Sapphire may have a positive effect on one’s artistic creativity. Writers or salespersons may find extra benefit from wearing this gemstone.

For those with Venus in the 4th house many positive benefits may ensue from utilizing a White Sapphire. It can help in gains of valuable properties, automobiles, or other assets. Educational endeavors as either a teacher or student may also be most favorably influenced.

With Venus in the 5th house position there may be great gain from financial investments as a result of wearing a White Sapphire. Those in the entertainment field generally find extremely good benefits also, and the gem may be favorable for those engaged as teachers or counselors as well.

With Venus in the 6th house a White Sapphire can also often have benefic effects. It can help in legal difficulties or competition with others, and may also bring relief to those who are overburdened with expenses if aspects in the chart denote its recommendation.

When Venus is in the 7th house, especially careful consideration would precede recommendation of the White Sapphire as it could intensify trouble in relationships or marriage. One of the principal ways in which the gem does this is by increasing one’s sexual desires, thereby bringing great frustration and unhappiness into the situation.

When Venus tenants the 8th house and is a friend to the ascendant lord, wearing a White Sapphire may have beneficial effects. It may help in spiritual endeavors or with personal relationships. But as the 8th house is inauspicious, Potential escalation of problems within relationships could also happen depending on the ascendant lord and his aspects within one’s horoscope.

When Venus is in the 9th house many benefits increased by wearing a White Sapphire. It may increase one’s wealth and fame, yet at the same time favorably influence one’s charitable or spiritual endeavors. If the ascendant lord is friendly, generally only good effects will be felt from the gem’s use.

Venus in the 10th house is an auspicious position which creates both amala and malavya yogas and would be further enhanced through the wearing of a White Sapphire. Businesses in art would further prosper, and the reputations and talents of artists in all fields would flourish.

If Venus takes the 11th house position there may again be an increase in all types of benefits through the wearing of a White Sapphire. It could be helpful in regard to marriage or in matters concerning children, and would increase one’s monetary wealth as well as one’s influence over others.

When Venus tenants the 12th house great consideration must again be taken before deciding on the recommendation of a White Sapphire. Here Venus usually makes a person very sensually inclined, so increasing this energy may make a person sexually obsessive or overindulgent in luxuries. In older persons it may be more suitable as it would tend to enhance the spiritual aspects of the 12th house along with whatever piety was already inherent in the person’s nature.


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