Benefits of Jupiter in 7th House of Horoscope

Benefits of Jupiter in 7th House of Horoscope

Benefits of Jupiter in 7th House of Horoscope


Jupiter in 7th House / Benefits of Jupiter in 7th House of Horoscope /Characteristics of Jupiter in 7th House of Horoscope

 jupiter in 7th House of Horoscope


The 7th house is yet another house wherein Jupiter showers favours on the individual in money matters, in income, in earnings, in enhancing prestige and power, granting success in love affair, in getting a suitable matrimonial match, also in giving success in buying and selling. Jupiter helps in marriage at the right or desired age.

Jupiter gives capacity to gain an upper hand over enemies or adversaries and opponents. If it is in a watery Sign, Jupiter helps in migration of the individual to another country or a town by sea-coast, and successfully settling there.

Jupiter is also helpful in matters relating to elections, litigation on the civil side (but not on the criminal side), in matrimonial disputes, in matters of arbitration, in managing the property and assets and even business or office affairs of the spouse. It helps in quick recovery from physical injuries, provided it was a bleeding injury. It also helps in securing loans from banking and other similar financing institutions for any kind of business venture or enterprise.

The individual can, himself or herself, become a successful banker or insurer. Jupiter in the 7th house provides scope for money lending against mortgage of gold and jewellery, or earning a livelihood from running hotel, motel, restaurant, furniture and furnishing trade. Some readers might question how the 7th house is concerned with livelihood. The answer is that 7th house directly and importantly concerns buying and selling of goods for business and the gains therefrom.

One unique point regarding Jupiter in the 7th house. These individuals have remarkably good memory and they are able to express their thoughts and ideas very clearly and impressively in writing but often it is seen that they are not very impressive speakers.

If readers minutely study, they -would find that some of the judges on the benches of higher and lower courts may have Jupiter-in the 7th house and they preferred service in judiciary instead of functioning as a lawyer because they considered themselves less proficient in speaking. Same is the case with some chartered accountants, who prefer to prepare returns, representations, notes for submission and appeals but send their colleagues and juniors to argue the cases before taxation authorities. Cases are not rare where a great author is not so impressive while speaking in public. Some actors and actresses are good in acting, but not equally good in dialogue-delivery.

Readers might question why this is so. The answer is like this: the 2nd house rules the capacity and capability or competence for the spoken word, and the 7th house is in 6th position from the 2th house, impact of which has been given above in preceding paragraphs. However, it may also be noted that these individuals have very correct and minute observation of any event or happening and they can stand any kind of cross-examination when standing in the witness box of any legal forum.

One major advantage of Jupiter in the 7th house is that whenever there is any problem, which might involve besides other things a monetary angle, the family of the spouse comes forward to extend monetary help and all other kind of support to the individual. In some cases, a male having Jupiter in the 7th house would find his wife in case of emergency, coming forward to help him her petty savings collected over the vast period or married life. And cases are not rare, at least in South Asian Countries, where the wife sold her jewellery to help the husband monetarily.

Remedies –

People who have JUPITER (BRIHASPATI)/GURU Planet placed in 7th House with good aspect and placement or having planet Jupiter as lord of 7th house then he or she should wear a fine quality, Natural and Astrologically Approved (Jyotish Standard) Yellow Sapphire (Pukhraj) Gemstone.  And if Jupiter/Brihaspati is placed with negative aspects or conjunctions then he or she must do Rudra Abhishek Yagya to pacify the negative effects of planet Jupiter/Brihaspati in their lives..

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Note : Always wear Astrological Gemstones only after consulting your Horoscope with a Learned Vedic Astrologer –

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