Oldest & Most Trusted Jyotish Quality Pure Yellow Sapphire Seller in India !

"Kindly compare and buy only Govt. Certified (IGI-GTL) or world repute labs (Like GIA, IGI, GRS, AGS, GII, Etc.) certified Yellow Sapphires only. Because only these labs (Not the private or affiliated labs opened now-a-days) have the latest and the most advanced equipments to test these Yellow Sapphires for the various treatments that are being done on them to enhance its color and clarity to dupe and cheat people."

Yellow Sapphire Qualities available in the market

Lowest Quality
Origin :- Bangkok (Thailand)
Treatments :- Highly Treated (Diffusion Treatment using Beryllium, Color Enhancements by Irradiation, color filling using resin etc.)
Astrologically :- NOT Effective / Not Recommended
Price Range (Per Carat) Approx :- Rs 500-Rs 3000 per carat
Colortone & Appearance :- Highly Opaque and deep Yellow or orange tones.
Pure Vedic Gems
Pure Vedic Gems
Pure Vedic Gems
Medium Quality
Origin :- Bangkok (Thailand), Sri-Lanka
Treatments :- Moderately Treated (Generally only heating) / Or Not Treated
Astrologically :- Effective / Recommended
Price Range (Per Carat) Approx :- Rs 3000 – Rs 7000 per carat
Colortone & Appearance :- Very light yellow or golden tone, Slightly Opaque / less in Transparency with inclusions/smokiness.
Pure Vedic Gems
Pure Vedic Gems
Pure Vedic Gems
High Quality
Origin :- Sri-Lanka, Burma
Treatments :- No Treatments
Astrologically :- Very Effective / Recommended
Price Range (Per Carat) Approx :- Rs 7000 – Rs 25000 per carat
Colortone & Appearance :- Medium/Good in Transparency, Luster and Yellow color tone With Very less OR no Inclusions.
Pure Vedic Gems
Pure Vedic Gems
Pure Vedic Gems
Very High / Rare Quality
Origin :- Sri-Lanka, Burma, Brazil
Treatments :- No Treatments
Astrologically :- Most Effective /Highly Recommended
Price Range (Per Carat) Approx :- Rs 25000 – Rs 80000 Per carat
Colortone & Appearance :- Very Good Yellow/Golden Color with Brilliant luster, absolutely transparent with no inclusions.
Pure Vedic Gems
Pure Vedic Gems
Pure Vedic Gems

Natural, Non-Treated, Astrologically Approved, Certified Yellow Sapphires for potentiating the positive energies of planet Jupiter in one's life.

Pure Vedic Gems is the oldest & most trusted name associated with all kinds of vedic planetary gemstones.  
 Genuine Gemstones with certification from international standard govt. labs only.
Astrologically approved (Jyotish standard) energized & purified gems with vedic mantras & rituals for best results.

Purified & Energized Vedic Yellow Sapphire


We deal in authentic, potent, jyotish standard (as mentioned in vedic classic texts) & Natural gemstones only for best results.

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  •  Accurate Gemstone consultation from genuine Vedic Astrologer.
  •  Only Govt. labs/world standard labs certification.
  • Most reasonable prices(direct sourcing from the mines, gems cutters-polishers).
  • We have specialized & experienced artizans (karigars) for setting these gemstones according to vedic wearing instructions.
  • We provide certification from labs having complete world standard equipments to test all the treatments and enhancements coming in gems now-a -days.
  • We provide most reasonable & genuine prices of astro-jyotish quality gems accross the globe.
  • We have huge collection of certified, authentic & genuine jyotish gemstones.
  • We also provide special facility of energizing (Abhimantrit) the gemstone according to personalized Gotra & Rashi through vedic mantras.
  • We provide complete genuine vedic instructions for wearing gemstone.
  • Yellow sapphire gems represents the planet Jupiter & people with positive Jupiter position in weak houses should wear yellow sapphire Gems for enhancing planet's benefic blessings.
  • The genuine jyotish yellow sapphires gems denotes righteousness, piety, & truthfullness. It gives security & protects from poverty, adversity, misfortune & melancholy.
  • It is believed that Yellow sapphire gems strengthens the body's immune system & cures rheumatism, ulcer, impotency, arthritis & lung problems.
  • Yellow Sapphire gems should be set in Gold/Panchdhatu made rings/pendents to enhance the positive energies of planet Jupiter in one's life.
  • Yellow Sapphire gems should be worn on a Thursday within 1'Hour of sun rise & 1'Hour before sun set after doing the vedic rituals to purify & energize the gem.
  • One should also pray to Lord Jupiter(Guru)(Chant Om Grang Greeng Groung Sah Gurvae Namah)to attain best results.