Durga Saptashati Yagya

Durga Sapt Shanti yagya


Durga Saptashati Yagya By Pure Vedic Gems

Conduct this Durga Saptashati Yagya with Vedic Mantras along with other potent verses for Goddess Durga.
Durga Saptshati pooja is dedicated to Goddess Durga Devi. Deity Durga Devi gives continuous blessing during this Yagya. She is the primitive energy that is responsible for the making and abolition of this entire universe. She is the total energies of this whole universe.
Durga Saptshati pooja/yagya is the great and one of the most powerful Yagya for a person getting Success in their life and also it's overcome of all kinds of Doshas and barriers in one's whole life. This Yagya helps a person to get success over Enemies and in the Court Cases. If you are having problems in your life, by performing Durga Saptshati pooja, one can become free from evil eyes, troubles, barriers and they are also bestowed with getting good health, wealth, chastity and prosperity.
Durga Saptshati Yagya is the most powerful yagna in Hindu religion. It is done across India during different festival, especially during navaratri festival. Durga Saptshati pooja is celebrated by enumerating verses from the Durga Saptasati and giving oblations into the sacrificial fire. By performing Durga Saptshati Yagya once in a year gives success in life and also offers positive strength to face all hurdles in their life. This yagna gives strength to win over enemies and overcomes all the obstacles in life.


Let’s discuss in detail Durga Sapta shati Yagya Durga Saptshati Yagya is a very unique, rare and elaborate Yagya. This Yagya is a unique sacrificial rite involving powerful Saptshati mantras. This Yagya will help to get the inner and outer fulfillment of desires and will power.
Goddess Durga is the combined Shakti of Maha Luxmi, Maha Saraswati, and Maha Kali. Maha Laxmi brings wealth, Maha Saraswati gives wisdom, Maha Kali curtails negative forces.
  • Vedic Mantra Jaap – 9 Path
  • Duration: 1 Day
  • Number of priests: 10
With the Durga Sapta shati Yagya goddess Durga is worshiped chanting different samput japas of mantras from Durga Sapta shati for attaining various desired benefits. It implies different schematic mantra repetitions for attaining various desires.


  • It is useful for getting success.
  • To overcome obstacles and win over the enemies.
  • It overcome all suffering.
  • It fulfilling all desires.
  • It give relief from all kinds of dhosa in horoscope.
  • It gives strength and removing all danger.
  • It minimize planetary influence.

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