Vaastu for Happiness

Vaastu for Happiness

Vaastu for Happiness
Vaastu for Happiness copy

Secret to inner happiness

Giving creates abundance. The more you give, the more you receive. An example from nature: you cannot keep inhaling air; you must exhale too.

We don’t experience abundance in each and every aspect of our lives, so take a good look within and around you, and then ask yourself some questions, like in which aspect of your life are you experiencing scarcity?

If you lack love, first give love unconditionally. And then see it grow all around you. If you feel a cash crunch, let it flow from you first. Give out regularly from your income – whatever you can afford – and it will return, ten times over. Never give pain and hatred. Sustained hatred and grudges manifest themselves as serious diseases in your physical body. Lighting an oil lamp outside your main door is a very auspicious ritual in Vedic Vaastu. It brings light into your life.

Law of Acceptance

This is vital for happiness. Accept everything as it comes. You cannot change the seasons or the cycle of day and night. One who stays calm, whether in moments of ecstasy or anguish, is a perfect human being.

Life-force energies

The Universe is full of subtle life-force energies like North Pole energy, magnetic energy, gravitational energy and solar energy. When you build your home or office, ensure an obstacle-free flow for these. And if the structure is already built, and built incorrectly according to Vaastu, you must attempt to purge the negative energies: keep the area clutter-free, play good music, light sandalwood incense, and mop the floors with sea salt in water.

Pets and plants

Keeping pets like dogs, fish and horses is very good Vaastu. Feeding birds and insects is also auspicious. It heals our karma and takes away some problems. Plants and tress need to be nourished and nurtured. Maintaining plants is like maintaining your life. Trees and animals share your food and resources, and your sorrows as well.

Five elements

Our body is made of five elements: Earth, space, fire, water, and air. Earth gives shape and smell to our body; space produces sound; fire gives thirst and hunger; water supports blood and other fluids and air gives the feeling of touch. If there is complete harmony among all five elements, the body will remain healthy. The human body is a structure for the soul to live in, just like your house is a place for you to live in. Your house must be built to maintain elemental harmony.

Body Vaastu

The Vaastu factor applies to the human body as well. Our body postures hold immense importance. Sitting with legs and hands crossed at the chest level is not a receiving posture. Legs and arms should be in open positions. Moving and shuffling hands and feet without any reason is also inauspicious. It is good to face the North when working or eating and point one’s head to the South when sleeping.

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