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Sun in the 12th House / Benefits of Sun in 12th House of Horoscope /Characteristics of Sun in 12th House of Horoscope.

Benefits of Sun in 12th House of Horoscope :

Sun is a mixture of hard and soft planet. it is the ‘ruler’ among planets. Like any parent, it exercises discipline on the individual as well as has deep affection. But in the 12th house, Sun often functions as a hard planet.

Whether the individual is in government employ or in private employ or in own business or industry or self-employment or profession or in active politics, Sun would bring an enquiry or investigation against the individual. The enquiry or investigation might relate to the employer or an employee of the individual, but it would arrive at the door of the individual. If nothing else, the individual might be detained for interrogation or arrested for a minor civic offence or just a casual or negligible violation of traffic rules. God forbid it might not be some over-enthusiastic poIice officer who could unhesitatingly shoot an individual for something as trivial as a traffic offence (happened in August 2001)! However it would happen only if Mars or Saturn too would be in close vicinity of Sun in the I2th.

The individual might be dragged to a court of law under various Sections, only to give a big dimension to the minor offence or to the hollow imagination of the law and order outfit.

Sometimes framed charges also descend on the individual and it becomes difficult for the individual to get out of it. The system of law is so defective in virtually all countries that the judge hearing the case would often show inclination to believe the police version, and overlook the version of the individual howsoever truthful and correct the individual’s version is!

For example, I am told that in Middle-East countries. their local resident is treated as always true and correct, and a national from another country is considered more at fault. Once in Iran, two cars of local residents (Irani nationals), driven different directions, banged into each other; because one of drivers was on the wrong side the road, and heavily drunk, as a result, one of the cars in the crash bounced in the air and fell on a third car; parked in the curb, but belonging to an Indian, working in Iran on deputation to the Iran Government. The impact of the crashing car falling on the parked car was so much that the Indian’s 13-year old daughter sitting in the parked car, was crushed to death. In the, final enquiry, the Iran Police booked the Indian for parking his car in a wrong manner! Though fact was that the car was parked correctly at the proper parking space. No action whatsoever was taken against the two Iranian nationals whose cars crashed. The Indian national was repatriated to India. Neither the police nor the court of law took any cognisance of the death of the 13 year old girl crushed in the parked car. The Indian gentleman had Sun and Saturn in the 12th house and had been cautioned about governmental action, a good time before he left for Iran.

In India and in virtually all other countries, if police or any other agency of the government like customs, excise, or anti-narcotics) want to harass an individual, the officials themselves would plant a small quantity of opium or narcotics or illicit liquor, or a small piece of smuggled contraband within the premises of the individual. Then a search would be conducted of those premises and the individual would be booked for a severe type of offence or crime.

I know the case an individual who was asked to remove clothes for a more effective search of his person, and while one official was frisking his body, another official placed a packet of contraband in the ‘removed’ clothes in a clandestine manner. Thus the person was found in possession of contraband, and booked for non-bailable offence.

Political vendetta and vandalism, suppression, unlawful arrest and imprisonment, physical attacks, even murders are quite common in more or less all countries, and there is virtually no rescue or relief for the sufferers. There is no need for the government machinery to make any special effort to frame an individual in a crime. Unfortunately, the judges in a court of law, for one reason or the other, tend to believe and trust the version of the police often, if not always.

Therefore, one should always stay alert and preventive against any framed or exaggerated charge(s), when Sun is in the 12th house.

The question of causing a loss is also connected to Sun in the 12th house. The loss can be on any account, viz., speculation, gambling, betting on person-to-person level about outcome of an uncertain event, betting at horse races, card games, buying lottery tickets in bulk, and getting no compensating gain in the result thereof. Any fine or penalty in terms of money imposed by a court of law or any department of the government has to be deemed as a loss for the individual concerned. Any fine or penalty imposed correctly or wrongly by community or restricted cult or club or village Panchayat, or any other similar organisation or body would naturally amount as a loss for the individual. However an important point in this context is that the kind of losses enumerated in this paragraph would not normally he caused by Sun alone in the 12th house, unless Sun is in conjunction with any other planet(S).

In this connection an example would explain the better individual has Sun, Mercury and Venus in the 12th house, and he has suffered big losses by way of fighting police challans (tickets) for no fault whatsoever on his part, except that he feels because he is from an ethnic minority’ community in the USA. He also suffered losses in connection with matrimony, as also by way of paying big bribes in his home country to various officers of even non-concerned departments. Because the combination of Sun with Mercury and Venus is in a moving (cardinal) Rasi (Cancer) in the 12th house, the individual suffered loss of considerable money on useless journeys with no productive and useful purpose, and also on paying sky-high fees of the advocates in the USA!

Another result of these three planets in the 12th house for that individual was that he was dragged to a court of law in his first marriage for not much fault on his part. The under-current try was his refusal to join his father-in-law in his civil construction business. This individual has Jupiter in the 5th house, which means in the 8th position from the 10th house which rules father (and sometimes father-in-law too).

These examples have been stated to for easy understanding of the results of Sun in the 12th house. Interference by a government agency In the matter of immovable property of the individual is unable to use the property for the purpose it was constructed, bought or obtained on lease or rent.
Sun in the 12th house means in the 8th position from 5th house, which rules mainly education of self and the progeny. As a result the person sometimes gets education, at least at the higher stages in a piece-meal manner, after much hard struggle and effort on part of self. She or he gets any progeny also often late in life after the marriage.

Yet another result of Sun in 12th house is that a lot of money, even beyond the financial capacity of the individual, gets spent on paying bribe and other illegal gratification, some of which never bring the desired results. It is also true that the individual indulges in giving gifts to members of the family, to children self and others, without bothering himself or herself whether the costly gifts etc. are easily affordable or not.

But, it may be added here — if regular prayers for Sun are offered, and head is bowed before the rising Sun (at least within 3 hours of rising whether Sun is actually visible or not), the extreme results of Sun in 12th house can become somewhat less or toned down. The Sun is regular and punctual in its rising and setting.

It is unavoidable that the individual should undertake the remedy of Sun in a regular and undisturbed or unbroken manner, because piecemeal or sporadic efforts would not bring much relief.

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