The Nine Cosmic Rays For Healing

The Nine Cosmic Rays For Healing

The Nine Cosmic Rays For Healing

The Nine Cosmic Rays For Healing


The Nine Cosmic Rays For Healing

The Cosmic rays are seen by all at some time or another in the magnificence of a rainbow. In some locales this phenomenon is seen more often than in others, but wherever it is seen, it is always composed of the same seven visible colors of the color spectrum, and two additional colors which are invisible to our naked eye. The colors violet, indigo, blue, green, yellow, orange, and red are visible to the eye, and ultraviolet and infrared are not. In fact everything has a predominant color which is actually quite different from the way the eye may view it. In the Vedas there are many references to the planets in our solar system each carrying and vibrating a particular ray. The seven visible rays correspond to the major planets Sun, Moon, Mars, Mercury, Jupiter, Venus, and Saturn, and the two invisible rays ultraviolet and infrared are attributed to the invisible ‘shadow planets’ Rahu and Ketu. These planets, also known as the north and south nodes of the Moon, emit high-frequency rays of violet and red, and so are not usually counted among the primary rays.

When all Cosmic rays come into complete ‘disarray’ then the illnesses become for the most part incurable or are fatal.

Cancers are an example of all the rays becoming unbalanced, and unless a person becomes completely disciplined to take drastic—say, ascetic—measures to effect the healing process, it is generally incurable. Even surgery to remove cancerous tumors cannot be permanently successful unless a person takes such health-balancing measures to heart, for serious disease will crop up elsewhere if the lesson is not learned. Ultimately the cells of the body will disintegrate and spirit will ‘depart’ from the physical form at the time of death anyway, but to hasten this unnecessarily is not the optimal set of circumstances. The rays also comprise the subtle astral bodies which we inhabit, so even when leaving the physical form, our ‘subtle bodies’ are still comprised of the cosmic rays.

Cosmic colors and their effects

Red cosmic rays

Red cosmic rays are heat-producing, as they are of the element of fire. They instigate cosmic fire in the human body, which is necessary for our sight to function and for digestion of foodstuffs. The digestive fire is called pachaka pitta in Ayurveda, and the ‘fire’ (illumination) of sight called alochaka pitta. This is what allows us to see colors and shapes differentiated from one another. Without fire there could be no activity within the body, nor could we move the extremities such as fingers and toes. Cold would paralyze us, just as when a person is caught for long enough in a snow blizzard, the body is overpowered and shuts down its function. Cosmic red, therefore, is the primary color of the seven rays. For all activities of the physical and mental bodies, red cosmic rays are essential. Deficiency in sight can be improved by the red cosmic rays.

Ruby Gemstones is prescribed to increase cosmic red rays, bring energy and virility to the individual, prosperity, wealth, and the ability to attract good fortune towards oneself.

Orange Cosmic Rays

Orange Cosmic Rays The orange cosmic rays are contained within the element of water, and are thus associated with the cooling factor or restraint of activity. They are of the mode of nature Lamas or inertia and increase the Ayurvedic humor of kapha. The diseases born of excessive heat require the cooling of the orange cosmic rays. Often it is the Moon that is afflicted, and therefore there is a lacking of the orange rays which cool, nurture, and soothe us. Fevers of the body will require the cool orange cosmic rays to lower the body’s temperature. Sometimes it may be a lever of the mind which indicates this lacking, and the accompanying symptoms are often violent, abusive, and destructive behavior to oneself or to others.

In the horoscopic chart will indicate emotional weakness and subsequently a lack of peace of mind. As the Moon rules the mind and emotions, there can be hypersensitivity, moodiness, and lack of intuition if adversely affected. There may be an inability to share intimate relationships and a tendency to be negative about oneself and much else within the world as well. As a result, marital-type relationships may be fraught with difficulty and prove to be unsuccessful and temporary. This can bring about an overall lack of joy in life, as most of us desire close friendship, companionship, and the security that a successful relationship comports.

Pearls radiate and are repositories of the cosmic color orange.


Yellow Cosmic Rays

The yellow cosmic rays are contained within the element of fire, as is the red. It is a regulator of thermal heat within the body, and as such, is also used to combat diseases caused by excessive cooling. The heat of yellow cosmic rays may be used to dry thickened lymph glands in the body, such as those caused by rheumatism. Its deficiency may cause stomach ailments which decrease the digestive capability or cause excessive flatulence. Liver problems such as jaundice or cirrhosis call for treatment with yellow rays, as can certain blood disorders or Pleurisy.

Mars is the planet that radiates the Yellow Cosmic Rays, and its gem red coral stores these rays in abundance.

Application of yellow cosmic rays through red coral can increase one’s stamina, determination, and self-confidence. It can rejuvenate one suffering from mental exhaustion, and has even proven to be beneficial in cases of mental depression.


Green Cosmic Rays

Green cosmic rays are of the element of earth. As mercury rules the intellect and intelligence and so also the mind, a lacking of green cosmic rays will create instability in the thinking capacities. There may be poor memory or loss of memory. Absence of strong green cosmic rays will bring frustration in communication with others. Deficiency of the cosmic green color may also allow for the development of stomach ulcers, diarrhoea, liver diseases, fevers, headaches, kidney dysfunction, and heart problems.

Emerald is the gem that stores the cosmic green color and radiates it ceaselessly.


Blue Cosmic Rays

The blue cosmic rays are born of the original element ether. This is called the akasha or space, and is not to be confused with the air that we breathe. It is the color of the sky above. The very life-force itself emanates from the cosmic blue color. Therefore, radiating blue cosmic rays will help to revive a person—or even an animal for that matter—whose life-force is at a low point. Sound is connected with the blue cosmic rays, and so they can be seen within the ears or the mouth where sounds are heard or uttered. All empty spaces within the body produce sound.

The blue cosmic color is radiated by the planet Jupiter and is of paramount importance, it brings good fortune, tranquility and harmony in life. Lack of Jupiter’s rays at the time of birth may appear notably uncompassionate in regard to other’s problems, may lack a spouse of good character, or may be unable to produce children.

As Jupiter radiates the cosmic blue color, the gem that stores and radiates it is mainly Yellow Sapphire.

Yellow Sapphire can attract prosperity and wealth toward a person in life. It is also thought to help concentration in spiritual meditation.



Indigo Cosmic Rays

The indigo cosmic rays are a deeper blue than those just previously discussed, and originate from the element of water. They are radiated by the planet Venus and are also extremely benefic rays for abundance and Prosperity in life. They bring love, beauty, and happiness to one fully immersed in them. This ray also increases certain material gains or luxuries, and specifically sexual pleasure. This color rules all the body, the lymph glands over mucous and thick secretions. It is responsible for sufficiently strong semen in men, and a healthy reproductive system in women.

White Sapphire is the gemstone storing the indigo rays, it is cooling and effective in counteracting some fevers of the body, and the rays may cure female gynaecological problems, including sterility in some cases and other problems like paralysis of the facial muscles, bronchitis, and lung diseases.

We have used White Sapphire successfully in combination with other gems, usually emerald, to treat asthma sufferers.



Violet Cosmic Rays

Violet cosmic rays are found in the element of air. These airs move not only throughout our environment, but within our body, and are responsible for all movements within vata or air. As the vata actually moves the other humors of kapha and pitta, it can be considered the force of harmony within the body and mind. If deranged, the other humors will also automatically become so.

Saturn is the planet radiating violet cosmic rays, and the Blue Sapphire stores and radiates them. Any lack of violet rays will create immediate disorders or disease. Usually the nervous system is the first to be affected, and skin eruptions, rashes, or diseases are commonplace.

It is with great caution that a vedic astrologer or planetary gemologist should recommend the wearing of

Blue Sapphire as a ring or a amulet. Saturn’s malevolence can cause the worst of mishaps, and he is the lord of death.



Ultraviolet Cosmic Rays

The Ultraviolet ray is the coldest ray of all. It is associated with planet Rahu, which in Vedic astrology is called a ‘Shadow‘ planet or invisible, yet is considered a planet just the same.

Being a cause of eclipse, Rahu can cause darkness to also increase in one’s personality, giving rise to desires for criminal conduct, violence( even murder!), insatiable sexual desires, or other behavioral anomalies.

The gemstone Gomed or Hessonite garnet radiates the ultraviolet cosmic rays.

If suitably worn it can increase one’s material prosperity, fame, or power over others, yet not necessarily bring any lasting internal satisfaction. Some disorders of the brain are treated with Hessonite Gemstone, and we have observed good effects in the treating of insomnia in particular.


Infrared Cosmic Rays

Infrared Cosmic Rays Converse to ultraviolet, the infrared cosmic ray is the hottest ray of all. It is associated and radiated by the other shadow planet Ketu, called the south node of the Moon or ‘the Dragon’s Tail’ by Western astrologers. Just as its ray is opposite to Rahu’s, its position is always 180 degrees from Rahu. Ketu, therefore, is also seen to be always retrograde or moving in a reverse motion. Chrysoberyl cat’s-eye is the gem transmitting the infrared rays of Ketu.

Used for healing purposes, the cat’s-eye has wonderful utility in treating chronic ailments and terminal diseases such as cancer. It can burn up an increase of Vata and Kapha in the body and is used to treat  poor digestion, paralysis, diseases of the uterus, many skin diseases, particularly acne.

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