Moon in the 5th house of horoscope-

Moon in the 5th house of horoscope-

Moon in the 5th house of horoscope-

Two-moon- 5th house

Moon in the 5th House / Benefits of Moon in 5th House of Horoscope/Characteristics of Moon in 5th House of Horoscope-

Moon in the 5th house of horoscope-

This is a very important position of Moon, because this house rules education, thought, capacity for management, and progeny (which means continuance of family tree).

Moon is lord of MIND in every human being and thus rules thoughts, desires, aims ambitions, dejections, disappointments and dissatisfactions in mind, as also joy, pleasure, happiness, satisfaction and contentment or sense of fulfilment.

No doubt Moon in 5th house gives concentration on education, doesn’t allow mind to divert from regular studies, and gives a touch of honesty in Exams, tests, interviews etc. Moon protects against failure at school level, provided there is no change of school. In this particular case, the child takes time and wastes a lot of energy to adjust to the changed atmosphere and get acquainted with fellow-students as also teaching system and style in the new school.
Because 5th house is in 8th position from 10th house, which rules father, generally a change of school becomes unavoidable owing to change of town of work of the father.

However the post-school education progresses very well, not involving change of place or town, even if father has to change, because the individual is grown up to stay in a hostel or otherwise independently.

The individual is able to reach the desired destination in studies.

If Venus is in 5th,or 1st, 4th, 9th, 10th or 11th house, chances for receiving medical education become quite strong, though the higher education in medicine, surgery, pathology, radiology (there are innumerable branches presently) would depend on other stars.

If only Venus and Moon are strong in the horoscope, the individual would go in for medicine, and later on in life becomes a famous physician.There are no doubt certain individuals who, even after good medical education enter into administrative service or active politics because of stronger and better placement of Sun in the horoscope ,including Navamsha chats.

After education, the individual is naturally at the threshold of marriage and getting children. Marriage would depend to a good extent on the 7 th house, lord of the 7 th house and its placements in birth charts and Navamsha charts (for boys) and Trinshansha birth chart and Navamsha Chart(for girls). Unless there is considerable force from the side of Venus, these individuals do not go in for love-based marriage though they do not hesitate getting into any love affair.Because they are very much given to inner voice of self, they judge the intentions and sincerity or showmanship of the opposite party by deep thinking and take their own time to fall into any love affair.Generally they go by the choice of the mother for matrimonial match, and normally they intend to disagree with father’s choice in general terms.

With regard to getting children, depending on the stars of the spouse, the couple is keen on having children soon and rather in quick succession, because of considerations regarding upbringing and education of the children.

The male individual pays full attention from the pregnancy days to the birth of the child in looking after wife and the baby in the womb. If the individual is a female, she herself looks after these matters.

If Moon is in a female Rasi (Taurus, Cancer, Virgo etc), the likely sex of the baby would be female, and if it is in male Rasi (like Aries, Gemini, Leo) the baby might be a son, as the first issue.

However this matter depends on the stars of both, husband and wife, and many detailed and minute calculations are involved in predicting about the sex of the child in the womb.

Since the God Almighty hasn’t given 100% “insight” into the future, to any astrologer, no one should claim 100% accuracy about the sex of the baby to be born.

In the last few decades of the 20th century, medical system carried out some test on the pregnant woman during the 3rd month of pregnancy and predicted about the sex of the embryo in the womb.

Practical experience has shown that, the medical opinion too hasn’t proved accurate in several cases! Further it would help to a certain extent in predicting the sex of the baby in the womb by determining the lord of the 5th house and the Rasi in the 5th house.

If the lord of the 5 th house is Sun, Mars or Jupiter and that lord too is occupying a male Rasi, the chances are that the baby in the womb is a son . If it is female stars (Mercury, Venus, Saturn and waning Moon) in the 5th house,or any of them own the Rasi in the 5th house and a female Rashi is in the 5 th house, the chances are that it is a female embryo in the womb.
However, it is advisable to note once for all that it is virtually difficult to predict the sex of the baby in the womb.

Moon protects the pregnancy from miscarriage and abortion unless the couple indulges in physical relationship after the 5th -or at the most the 7th month. No use in going into detailed discussion’ of this delicate topic. Intelligent readers can easily grasp the caution indicated indirectly here.

No use in discussing the number of the progeny, because laws of many countries have put restrictions on the number of progeny, if not directly, at least indirectly. Further number and sex of children depends on the stars of both, wife and husband, and it needs very deep study into the horoscopes of both.
For one reason or the other, irrespective of the education, culture, religion or faith of the individual, he or she becomes interested in spiritualism, in occult science and its usage, and sometimes indulges in using this knowledge in favour of or against other people.

But since the individual has constant touch of mercy, chances of severely hurting others would not arise.

It is very likely that the individual might adopt the spiritualism or occult science and its practice to become very rich, beyond the normal source of earnings and income. If the individual has any planet in the 12th house in birth chart, there are strong chances of adverse results too from this kind of practice and usage to the individual or his or her spouse or children or any other member of the immediate family.

Normally the individual has some strict ideology,but the greed for more and more money makes him or her blind (at least for sometime ) to ideology.

Barring tha above weakness, the individual would be a great devotee of god almighty,would read religious scripts of own faith or religion ,and follow the path of virtuous living,with modest behaviour to one and all .

In the normal cource of life, the individual has changes of being very well possessed, resourceful for possessing all comforts and luxuries of self and the family. But once the greed for big money enters into the mind of an individual, no restraint and restriction stand in the way of this kind of activity.

Because Moon in 5th house would have direct drishti on the 11th house (which rules income), the individual would have satisfactory standard of income and earnings, and stands to receive rich gifts from the opposite sex too, without adversely affecting the moral character. The individual gains knowledge about hidden money or jewellery or ornaments or other costly possessions of mother, and in the long run stands to benefit therefrom to the exclusion of other claimants to it.

Another appreciable quality that Moon bestows on the individual is of full concentration on work on hand, including on matters related to management of any business, office, industrial venture, organisation outside the individual’s work orbit.

These individuals maintain friendship in all sincerity, and do not mind extending help or support to the friend in hour of need, but they do judge whether the need is real, and what is the arena of the need. If the individual doesn’t migrate to another state or country, he or she is often desirous of sending the progeny, or at least one of them, to another country for education or better chances of career and income, and sometimes marriage too. Migration of self to a foreign country would depend on other stars of self, on the Rasi in the 5th house and lord of the 5th house and placement of that lord and inter-relationship between that lord of 5th house and Moon in the 5th house.

Sometimes, stars of the spouse might also help or lead both,the spouse and the individual to a foreign country for regular or permanent settlement there .

And as regards the question of sending one child or all children one-by-one, abroad for education or better career or sometimes marriage too for purposes of Visa etc. it would depend on the child’s own stars. The parents’ stars would render only side support.

Remedies –

Person, who have Moon Planet in fifth House with good aspect and placement or lord of 5th house then he or she can wear Pearl Gemstone. This will boost up their administration ability, business skills, successful career and help in business. If Moon placed with negative aspects then he or she do Chandra Shanti Yagya .

Note : Always wear Astrological Gemstones only after consulting your Horoscope with a Learned Vedic Astrologer –

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