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For online gemstones I only trust on purevedicgems. This is my second purchase and I’m very happy 🙂 highly recommended. Thanks vikash ji. I’ll be back to u soon. 🙂

View Proof Arijit Nath (Majdia, West Bengal)

Genuine products & excellent service. The website is so informative and precise.

View Proof Nippy Singh (Sukhdev Vihar, New Delhi)

I am very thankful to pure vedic gems that they provide me very high quality natural astrological gems at a very reasonable price I have talked to many other gemstone sellers but the stone available at pure vedic gems costing 30000/_ other sellers have prise 100000/_of that same product Pure vedic gems are the best gemstone seller in our country.

View Proof Sunil Verma (Samba, Jammu)

I came across Pure Vedic Gems while searching for answers regarding use of Astro-Rashi gems on the internet. I was so impressed with the information they have on their website that I decided to get a reading done from their Astrologer and implement gemstones therapy. The gemstones (set beautifully in the rings) I received from them are stunning and came very nicely packed, complete with their certifications, invoice and wearing procedure (Time, Mantras etc.). Since I live in the Australia, I cannot visit their store in Delhi, but the videos and pictures of the gemstones on their website provide as accurate depiction of the actual gems as possible, which is the best to seeing the gems in person. Their customer service is also impressive! Each time I had questions, they have promptly provided answers with clarifications. I’m very impressed at having found Pure Vedic Gems, and am grateful to their team led by Vikas ji for their excellent and satisfactory work.

View Proof Divya (Perth, Australia)

I have purchased a yellow sapphire for astrological purpose. The Gemstone was pure and I was really helped by Mr.Vikas in selection of gem and also guided the process how to wear it(mantra etc). It really shown benefit to me after wearing. Mr Vikas and his staff was really helpful. I would surely recommend him.

View Proof Rajesh (DWARKA)

I really want to congratulate Pure Vedic Gems for doing such commendable job of providing pure and genuine gemstones at really reasonable prices and really good Astrological reading to people. In today’s time when most of the people are selling just any quality of gemstones (using fake certification) and make money, pure vedic gems clearly refuse to sell poor quality and treated gemstones, which are not astrologically effective (thats why they provide third party, Govt. Lab certification only) . They say that they want to sell 100% effective gemstones only.They really explain the qualities of gemstones to customers in detail, and according to me have the best knowledge about astro-rashi gemstones and their uses, among the many gemstones sellers who have come in my contact in the last so many years. They really have a flawless and trusted goodwill of selling only genuine gemstones and jewellery and are very well maintaining it. I purchased a very good quality Emerald for myself and a Ruby for my wife from them after doing a lot of R&D online and visiting many shops. They also have done a great job on their website by giving a lot of genuine information on gemstones and their qualities, in-fact it was their website only that initially attracted me and i am glad i visited them and have become a fan of them now. We have really felt the effects of this Emerald and Ruby that we bought from them in our lives.

View Proof Vishal (Bengaluru, Karnataka)

My experience at Pure Vedic Gems has been one of the best as compared to any other showrooms. Excellent Quality, price and wonderful designs. Highly recommended to anyone looking for Genuine and reliable gems and jewellery showroom.

View Proof Kusum (New Delhi)

I was looking for a yellow sapphire for myself. I went to many places but felt most satisfied with the knowledge, prices and quality of gemstones at Pure Vedic Gems. They have a good collection of quality gemstones and I found their prices quite reasonable also. The best thing is that all their gemstones are certified by the Govt. Lab (IGI) and I have heard that most of the gemstones sellers are giving private lab certificates (Which are manipulated and cannot be trusted). They also made it into a very nice gold ring according to my taste within 3 days. And also gave me the wearing procedure with the mantra and puja to be followed for wearing that pukhraj. I highly recommend them to everyone who are looking for genuine gemstones at genuine prices.

View Proof Daljeet (Calcutta, West Bengal)

I like pure vedic gemstones so much, bcoz they sell 100% pure natural untreated and unheated gemstone, in market today so many companies sell fake gemstones in the name of natural gemstones, but pure vedic gems are genuine and trust worthy company, I bought so many gemstones from pure vedic, through online I read about pure vedic on the website, I like pure vedic gems very much.

View Proof Ajaz Ahmad Kapra (Kashmir)

Buy the Yellow Sapphire last 2 Months now use that is very effective.

View Proof Veer Bhan (SBM CIVIL LINE DELHI)


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