To benefit your lives with the Ancient Indian Vedic Science of Gems & Rudraksha Therapy, healing and harness the pure power of your favourable planets and strengthen the weak body chakras, to make the cosmic forces of nature to work in your favour you need to wear Pure and Natural, Purified & Energized (By Vedic Planetary Mantras), Vedic Gemstones/Talismans or Original (Not Tampered or Manipulated), Purified & Energized (By Special Rudra Mantras) Genuine Rudrakshas recommended in your Vedic horoscope with proper wearing rituals and mantras mentioned in the Ancient Vedas and Puranas (Sacred Texts).

At PUREVEDICGEMS you will get only genuine and effective Gemstones, Rudrakshas and Energized Talismans at the best possible prices across the globe. We are the oldest Gems and Jewellery manufacturing company having 75 years of trust, experience and expertise in this field. We can provide you the Gemstones, Rudraksha and Energized Talismans that ACTUALLY work at the most competent prices. All our Gemstones are Pure and Natural (with no negative inclusions, as mentioned in the Ancient Sacred Gems Healing Texts) and purified and Energized with concerned Vedic Planetary Mantras. And all our Rudrakshas are Natural, Certified by Genuine Labs (Tested for Fake/Original, Tampered/Manipulated for creating artificial extra Mukhis, Magnetic/Temperature tests and X-ray Test for confirming the seeds inside the Rudraksha) and Purified and Energized by the powerful Rudra Mantras.

Beware of the Gemstone Sellers who are selling poor and low quality, lifeless and poor cut gemstones having imperfections and flaws or treated gemstones and Rudraksha Sellers who are selling Fake, Tampered or Manipulated (to create artificial extra mukhis) and/or Rudrakshas with improper seeds inside (as the energy of the Rudraksha depends on seeds inside) which are comparatively cheaper. As they have shown to give negative energies and bring harmful effects in one's life. In the Ancient Sacred Texts (Vedas & Puranas) also it is mentioned that these types of Gemstones and Rudrakshas are a total failure and bring negative effects and hence should be avoided.

"Our Expert's talk on Science of Gemstones Healing and Vedic Remedies"

Pure Vedic Gems Pvt. Ltd. (Company)

Pure Vedic Gems Pvt. Ltd. (कंपनी) (परिचय)

असली रुद्राक्ष

Genuine Rudrakshas

असली ज्योतिष क्वालिटी के रत्न कैसे पाए ?

About Hessonite (Gomedh) Qualities and

ज्योतिष गोमेद की जानकारी और दाम

About Yellow Sapphire (Pukhraj) Qualities
and Prices

ज्योतिष पुखराजों की जानकारी और दाम

In how many days does the gems starts
showing results

ज्योतिष रत्न कितने दिनों मे अपना प्रभाव
देना शुरू करते है ?

Importance of Cut and Shape of gemstones for its

ज्योतिष रत्नो के कट और शेप की महत्ता ?

Why wearing gems in rings are better than

ज्योतिष रत्न अंगुली मे पहने या गले मे ?

Vedic Remedy Fasting

वैदिक ज्योतिष उपाय (उपवास)

Why opt for a white sapphire instead of

हीरे की जगह सफ़ेद पुखराज क्यों धारण करना चाहिए ?

How to clean your Astro-Gems

अपने ज्योतिष रत्नो की सफाई कैसे करे ?

ज्योतिष रत्न धारण करने का वैज्ञानिक तरीका

Scientific Way of Wearing the Gemstones

रुबी (माणिक) की क़्वालिटी व दाम

Qualities of Astro-Rashi Rubies and Their

कैसे जाने कि किस वजन
और क्वालिटी का नीलम पहने ?

How to decide about the Weight and Quality
of the Blue Sapphire Gemstone to Wear ?

कब , कैसे औंर क्यूं नीलम रतन धारण करें ?

Why and How to wear Blue Sapphire
Gemstone ?

ज्योतिष रत्न कैसे काम करते है ?

How Astro-Rashi
Gemstones Work ?

ज्योतिष रत्न क्या होते है ?

What are Jyotish Standard Gemstones ?

ज्योतिष पन्नो की जानकारी व दाम

Qualities And Prices
Of Jyotish Emeralds

अपने शुभ ज्योतिष रत्न कैसे जाने ?

How To Know The Weight & Quality Of
The Astro-Rashi Gemstone To Be Worn

How To Know Your
Correct Astro-Rashi Gemstones?

Important Articles

Now-a- days the market is flooded with cheap priced gemstones, these gemstones are cheap priced not because these gemstones sellers are wholesalers or bulk dealers but because these gems are very poor quality (But enhanced in their look and appearance with the help of various chemical treatments and enhancements available now-a-days) and people get attracted and duped due to their cheap prices.

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In sufficient or imbalanced energies received from these planets (due to weak chakras) leads to difficulties in career paths, poor health and disturbed relationships. A genuine cosmic planetary analysis study by a learned vedic astrologer can tell us our planetary (chakras') weaknesses.

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Ayurveda mentions Mani (Gemstones) , Mantra and Medicine are all useful to cure disease and to maintain sound health. As per Ayurveda there are seven elements in body that maintain good health and are cause of growth of body and different disease.

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The Vedic Destiny Healing Remedies – In the earliest phase of mankind, known as the Vedic age, there were no temples. The need for permanent shrines came much later when the nomadic lifestyle gave way to a more settled agricultural life.

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The appropriate finger in which these auspicious Jyotish (Planetary) gems should be worn is very important for their astrological effectiveness, as it is mentioned in the Ancient Sacred Vedic gems healing texts that the veins of different fingers (Through which these gems's planetary energies travel) are connected to different chakras (Energy centre glands) of our body. And every specific planetary energy is absorbed by each specific chakra of our body.

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Online Live Skype/Telephonic Chat Horoscope Consultation by Genuine Astrologers
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Making Gemstones/Rudrakshas into Astro-Rashi Jewellery
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Energizing the Gemstones/Rudrakshas According to one’s Gotras/Rashi
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COD Service in Delhi-NCR Area/WorldWide Safe & Insured Shipping available*
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Ancient Genuine Vedic Remedies – Mantra, Yagya, Yantra, Rudraksha & Ratna Dharana
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Online and Offline (Retail Store) Gemstones and Rudrakshas Selling
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